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Healthy snacks in the workplace are not as insignificant as people think. It has a lot of benefits for employers and employees alike. Years ago, snacks offered in the office ranged from sugar-rich cookies to packets of crisps. However, Australians have been going for healthier options lately. Getting a healthy snack subscription box has been very popular among employers and companies.

The jump to healthier options has been very apparent. In the last decade, healthy snacks have shown a growth of 3.2% in consumption. People have started to be more aware of their health, especially in the workplace. That’s why it is essential to know the benefits that healthy snacks can provide.


It Increases Productivity

There is a connection between energy levels and food intake. It is even suggested that eating small but frequent meals can maximise people’s energy levels. When energy is at an optimum level, that is when people are at their most productive. Food provides glucose, which the brain needs to stay alert.

Providing snacks at the office makes them easily accessible and eliminates the need for employees to leave work and grab a snack elsewhere. Australians take 11 minutes to have a snack. Figure in the travel time, and it shows that providing snacks can save a lot of time better used for work. Plus, it gives the option for employees to eat their snacks while doing more efficient work.

Snacks Make Employees Happy

Snacks provided to employees might not cost much, but it gives them the feeling that their companies care for them. According to a survey, 67% say that they are happy with their jobs because of the snacks that they are provided. Some of the more popular healthy snack choices are dried fruit and nuts. Fruit bars have also seen a rise in popularity.

It Can Improve One’s Mood

It’s rare to see someone in a bad mood when they are eating. The reason for that is the blood sugar level. Most people feel tired, irritable, and depressed when their blood sugar dips. When this happens, providing snacks is the way to go. It makes the office environment vibrant and full of energy. Many large companies provide fresh fruits for snacks. They contain natural glucose to keep employees in a good mood.

Healthy Snacks Can Provide a Better Culture

Providing healthy snacks also helps improve employee engagement. They might not cost much, but these perks are highly symbolic. That means food is one of the things that make people happy, and employers should make sure of that. A survey found that 60% of people feel valued and appreciated when their companies provide them with food. Having snacks together can also increase collaboration time among colleagues, though informal.

Many people talk about work while having snacks in the office, anyway. That means others can give out ideas to someone who is having a hard time doing a task. Sandwiches and meat pies are some of the most popular snacks in Singapore.

Of course, there are also health benefits with reverting to healthier snack foods. Getting a healthy snack subscription box saves a company a lot of time. It eliminates the need to ask a specific employee to buy the snacks outside the office. These healthy snacks get delivered straight to the workplace. It is not the cost of the snacks that matter; it is the symbolism behind it – a company that cares.

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