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Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycles are often seen as being much more dangerous than traditional vehicles. One of the main reasons for this reputation is the often more serious, and even deadly, nature of the average motorcycle accident (when compared to accidents in full-sized vehicles). If you’re riding safely, and with proper training, you’ll be much less likely to find yourself in a serious motorcycle accident in 2022. However, accidents still occur, and these are the seven most common motorcycle accident injuries that are likely to happen: 

1. Broken Bones 

Because cyclists are not protected by the body of their vehicle, they take many more blunt injuries when involved in accidents. Even in minor accidents, broken bones are frequently associated with motorcycles. Broken legs are especially common since it’s not unlikely that your bike could end up falling on your leg, and putting its considerable weight crashing into it with increased pressure. Knowing how to fall in the case of a motorcycle crash can help you avoid this accident, but you must be extremely careful when you’re preparing for a crash. If you’re in an accident through no fault of your own, you must seek legal help that will be committed to getting you fair compensation after a motorcycle wreck

2. Concussion 

Unfortunately, even when you’re wearing a helmet (as you always should be), the blunt force trauma you can receive to your head when crashing on a motorcycle frequently leads to a full-on concussion. These injuries are often incredibly painful and can lead to life-long consequences. However, it’s much better to deal with a concussion than a broken skull, so never forget to wear your helmet (every cool, serious, and safe biker does so, so never feel embarrassed about keeping yourself properly safe and protected while riding your bike in 2022)! 

3. Spinal Cord Injuries 

Even if you are not paralyzed from a motorcycle accident (which will get into more detail later on), spinal cord injuries can still surprise you. Spinal cord injuries take a long time to heal and very frequently lead to life-long conditions or medical blowback. Wearing all of your safety gear when you’re riding, and knowing how to fall, can help you protect your spine when you’re involved in an accident. If you want to keep riding throughout your life, you need to do your part to keep yourself far away from all accidents that could potentially end up in a spinal cord injury. 

4. Road Rash

While often much less of a serious injury than the other injuries we’re covering on this list, road rash is still incredibly painful when it’s gained from something as high speed and high pressure as a motorcycle accident. The deepness of your road rash can put you at a high risk of infection as well, so if you get a serious road rash after a motorcycle accident, you need to follow your doctor’s directions for keeping it clean and safe. Otherwise, you might find this otherwise less serious injury becoming incredibly frustrating (or even deadly). 

5. Paralysis 

If you receive a harsh blow to your spine or neck, it’s possible that your key nerve endings can be damaged irreparably (and if this occurs, you’re almost certain to be paralyzed in some way). If your injury is especially harsh, you might find yourself fully paralyzed from the neck down. Not only will this affect your ability to enjoy your passion for biking, but it will significantly cut the quality (and length) of your life. Once again, knowing how to fall, wearing all your safety gear, and practicing safe biking techniques are your best defense against serious injuries such as paralysis. If you need a lawyer after a motorcycle crash, you must ensure you have all the materials needed to get them started on tackling your case. 

6. Traumatic Brain Injuries 

TBIs are another major consequence of motorcycle accidents where the head is injured. While concussions fall into this category, many other major, traumatic brain injuries can occur as well. Knowing whether your helmet is up to the challenge is key in protecting yourself from TBIs. The emotional, physical and financial fallout you’ll be burdened with after being afflicted with a traumatic brain injury is hard to overstate, so do your best to stay fully aware of your surroundings when riding. 

7. Disfigurement 

Depending on what type of accident you’re in, the injuries you receive could lead to life-long disfigurements. Especially when it comes to head injuries, and broken bones, the chances of becoming disfigured are increased. Road rash can lead to scars, and any infection that comes from it could become a serious disfigurement concern as well. For serious broken bones, and other traumatic injuries, dismemberment could become a possibility. However, disfigurement is always better than death

Stay Safe on Your Bike in 2022

By staying safe on your motorcycle in 2022, you can avoid these serious, often-traumatic injuries. Even with the most minor of injuries, the financial, physical, and emotional fallout of a motorcycle accident can be overwhelming. Make sure you’re properly trained, and ready for the road, before hopping on your bike, and you’ll be much less likely to find yourself in a serious accident. 

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