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Girls are born fond of jewelry, like to wear jewelry, with jewels in front of them, and stars and sea behind them! For the choice of jewelry gifts, you need to pay attention to the appearance and meaning of the jewelry.

The homonym of the necklace is in love, which means staying in love with each other. If you like a confession, you can give a noble and elegant necklace to express your hope to be with each other. Wearing a necklace for your girlfriend has a trapping and locking action, which also means that you are my exclusive.

The homonym of bracelet is keeping love, which expresses the meaning of guarding love; since ancient times, there has been a practice of giving bracelets to loved ones to express love, such as the red bean bracelet in poetry, sending love sickness with red beans and pouring out affectionate feelings. Therefore, when a boy gives a bracelet to a girl, it generally indicates that he wants to have a further relationship with the other party, which has the meaning of confession. In the period of love, bracelets are often used by men as a metaphor for expressing love, indicating that they want to spend a lifetime with their girlfriends, “hold the hand of the son, and grow old with the son”.

A ring is a token of love. Sending a ring to your girlfriend represents love, which is equivalent to giving your girlfriend a romantic promise. I have me in this life, holding hands with you for a lifetime, and never giving up.


1. Fairy Wand Necklace

Every girl as a child fantasizes about having a fairy wand in a fairy tale, casting a magic spell and having a miracle happen, which inspired the design of the fairy wand series.

The main stone is the centerpiece, surrounded by dazzling zirconia stones to imitate the fairy’s magic wand. There are two dreamy colors of pink and blue, and it feels especially fair after bringing it up, and it is very gentle and temperamental.

2. Fishtail Pearl Necklace

Inspired by the ocean mermaid, the perfect combination of pearl and mermaid is elegant yet romantic.

3. Black Whooper Swan Necklace

Black big swan necklace, eternal classic models, mysterious black manifest fashion attitude, large swan to enhance the elegant temperament, rose gold chain to enhance the noble temperament, whether it is daily passage or dressy dress, with the perfect, very classic and versatile.

4. Antler Necklace

The antler element of the forest is a symbol of beauty and holiness; the core is suspended and inlaid, so that the center of gravity of the main stone is unbalanced and shaken at will, and the light shines.

5. Rolex Chain Necklace

Inspired by Rolex watches, the rolex chain necklace represents a timeless and reliable relationship.


6. Lucky Clover Bracelet

The four-leaf clover-inspired bracelet is both classic and romantic, yet gorgeous and eye-catching. Classic and charming floral accents combined with rose tones add a modern touch to the design. Such an understated and elegant accessory, it’s perfect for both work and off-duty looks.


7. Wave Ring

The waves are the restlessness of the sea and the display of the power of the sea. The waves roll forward wave after wave, like the uninterrupted power of love. The wave ring shows different waves and is a great gift for your girlfriend. The wave ring can carry a good surfing time.

8. Calvin Klein Gypsophila Couple Ring

The super hot couple ring, the outer ring is inlaid with artificial crystal, dazzling, fashionable and generous, wearing a very temperament, it is simply an artifact to increase feelings!

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