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When you add CBD to THC, it can augment the medical advantages of marijuana edibles. It can reduce pain and anxiety and balance the elevated heart rate. CBD partially obstructs any intoxicating effect of THC. Therefore, if you want to experience any medical benefits without much impairment, you can choose products that contain both THC and CBD. However, you need to analyze the product’s contents, and the ratio of both the compounds mean in the edible product.

Usually, products with a CBD and THC ratio of 1:1 are intensely therapeutic. They produce lower levels of impairment in comparison to a THC dominant item. The excess doses of such products can mean that the person will have to face overconsumption symptoms.

Ways to Measure CBD and THC content in weed

More is the CBD: THC ratio, less is the likelihood of developing any unwanted intoxicating effects. Also, the quality of the medical impact changes. For instance, at a dose of 4:1 CBD: THC, one will not face any adverse intoxicating effects until and unless the person consumes multiple quantities. In other words, a person can feel impairment if he consumes 5 mg of THC, whereas if he intakes a product of 10 mg of CBD and 5 mg of THC, he is likely to face little or no impairment.

A common mistake related to the dosing is when a person does not feel the effect in the initial one hour and intakes another dose. However, since the results take time to unravel, the combined amount can cause overconsumption, causing unpleasant effects.

A Few Vital Facts of CBD Edibles

  • If you feel there is no effect after an hour or half, you can eat a small healthy snack to turn on the absorption in your digestive system.
  • If you are new to cannabis intake, it is wise to try low doses for a short period. You might require 2 to 3 amounts to feel an effect. Try this in between 24 to 48 hours as a trial period before increasing the dosage. You can buy the required product from a reputed online marijuana dispensary, such as
  • There are cases when people cannot absorb THC through their digestive systems. Therefore, in such cases, it is wise to use absorption through oral blood vessels.

How to Relieve Overconsumption?

  • Having an assurance that there are no negative consequences is the primary treatment.
  • Surround yourself in a calm and safe environment.
  • Overconsumption mostly makes you dehydrated. Thus, drink lots of water and stay hydrated.
  • As an antidote, one can consume a large dose of CBD product that has no significant amounts of THC.
  • Most people do not face the severe repercussions of overconsumption. However, if you have any underlying disease, such as heart disease or hypertension, you should seek emergency medical care.

The Efficacy of the Sublingual Route

Sublingual means to take the dose under the tongue. This route is highly beneficial for cannabis absorption as there exist many mucus membranes under the tongue, which possesses ample capillaries. Such capillaries help in the direct absorption of the cannabinoids.

Edible forms of marijuana produce long-lasting, safe effects. However, getting to know the ideal concentration of CBD and THC that your body can digest is essential. Understanding the results of THC and CBD content in a product is crucial to make the final decision.


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