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Making private accounts on websites and apps is a fairly common activity these days. People do this as more and more online services are having issues with security. However, not everyone is doing this correctly. Putting a fake name and profile picture is not enough. It is also about not disclosing a personal mobile phone number when going through the verification process. In this case, the perfect solution is temporary phone numbers.

Register with website of any kind

When using temporary numbers for the first time, people often worry about the websites they can sign up for with their help. Can they be used, for example, to register only with well-known social networks and online stores, or are they also appropriate for creating accounts on websites in other niches? 

Luckily, these numbers are suitable for use with any website that requires or gives users the opportunity to complete mobile phone number verification for one or another purpose. The list of websites that are supported thus far includes:

  • Social networks;
  • Dating services;
  • Online stores and marketplaces;
  • Forums;
  • Other services.

Thus, it is actually not necessary to be concerned about whether it is feasible to register for a particular website using temporary phone numbers. You can sign up for any with them whether it is about receiving Facebook or Samsung account verification code.

Global accessibility

Most often cellular carriers give people the option to purchase a SIM card and thereby get a phone number only from the country in which they currently reside. For instance, those who live in the US cannot obtain a number from Germany or France in the regular store. Nevertheless, it is not an issue with online phone numbers. There are no limitations on using online phone numbers from other countries when located anywhere around the world.

More specifically, people in the Philippines can easily use online numbers from Malaysia. There is nothing improper with that. Because of this peculiarity, using such numbers is a convenient way to circumvent restrictions on accessing specific websites and apps in countries where they are either restricted or even not supported.

Service that provides online phone numbers

Right now, there are a ton of offers on the internet for buying online numbers for different goals. Their number is also constantly increasing as more and more people are getting interested in this feature every day. Thus, it is really easy to get lost in between them. This makes choosing the first platform you come across not a good idea. Every platform offers services of different quality, often at different costs too.

Some of the best solutions in this industry are offered by SMS-Man. This platform, which has been in the telecommunications business for more than five years, currently provides numbers for a variety of activities. You can use it in the way described below to buy an online phone number and sign up for any service on the web with it:

  1. Proceed to and create an account.
  2. Recharge your balance with some money using any option available on the payment page.
  3. Select the country of the online number on the homepage.
  4. On the same page find the website or app from which it is required to receive SMS.
  5. Make a purchase by clicking on “Buy SMS”.

Most of the work has been completed. Having obtained the number, we might sign up for the appropriate platform. You just need to enter the received online phone number on its registration form and request a verification text message. The next and last step is to return to SMS-Man, press the “Receive SMS” button, and use the revealed code to create an account. The process is simple and quick.

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