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You’ve decided to employ the services of a bookkeeper. Congratulations, since you will now have more time to focus on growing your business and producing more money. So let’s see what we can do to make sure you get your money’s worth! When you hire bookkeepers Sunshine Coast like Darcy Services, there are some things you should do. 

Share Your Vision, Share You 

Tell your bookkeeper why you started your company in the first place. Inform him or her about your goods or service. Tell him/her what you believe sets your organization apart from the competition. Share your 5-year vision with him, including how much money you intend to generate and how you plan to offer additional products/services. 

Your bookkeeper will feel more like a member of your team if he or she knows your goal. That means your bookkeeper will go above and above to assist you and make your life simpler. 

Get In Touch With Your Financial Side 

Your bookkeeper will need to know how you’ve handled your finances in the past. Consider your replies to the following questions before discussing them with your bookkeeper: 

  • Have you ever kept track of your personal or company expenses? Or does the prospect of doing so make you sick to your stomach?
  • How often do you track your revenue and costs if you have done so?
  • Do you find it difficult to manage your finances? Has dealing with money been difficult in the past?
  • Are you a stickler for details? Or are you only interested in the bottom line? 

Tell Your Bookkeeper How You Wish To Be Informed About Your Finances 

Assume it’s now time to go over your quarterly profit and loss report. Do you want the report sent to you through email? Do you want it in a spreadsheet format? Do you simply want the bottom line and don’t want to look at all the numbers? Do you want your bookkeeper to come to your workplace and discuss the state of your company with you? 

Decide when all of this financial data becomes too much for you to handle. To put it another way, you must tell your bookkeeper how much information you require and how you wish to communicate. 

Take Precautions

Your bookkeeper will require access to your financial documents, such as credit card and bank account statements. Will you provide your bookkeeper with online access or will you send him/her duplicate statements in the mail? 

Here’s the lowdown. Most bookkeepers prefer internet access so they can see your financials right away. You’re probably concerned about the safety of this. This is when the element of trust comes into play. Before you choose a bookkeeper, make sure you receive at least two or three references. I’d also look into running a background check. Some bookkeepers hire others, so I’d inquire if they conduct background checks on their own staff and what safeguards they have in place to protect you. 


Bookkeepers work in a somewhat commoditized industry. As a result, some will err on the side of caution and provide extensive financial, legal, tax, and insurance advice. Obtain a second opinion from your tax, legal, or financial professional, even if they are attempting to look out for your best interests.

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