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The Benefits of Using Modalert for treating Shift Work Sleep Disorder

Shift Work Sleep Disorder has become one of the most common excessive sleep disorders in the whole world. This rise in this condition is mostly due to the speedy development of industries, round-the-clock service providing facilities, and many other sectors which provide are open for 24 hours, 7 days a week.

These working conditions have improved our lives in many ways, more people can find employment this way and there is a rise in productivity due to the constantly running companies.

But this has also made way to more and more people suffering from shift work sleep disorder.

What is Shift Work Sleep Disorder & Who is Most Susceptible to having it?

We all know in the past, before the invention of light bulbs, people mostly worked during the day in the sunlight and slept at night. Due to this biological setting, which is also known as the circadian rhythm of the body. 

Due to the presence of the circadian rhythm in the body, we usually sleep at night and feel wide awake and alert during the day and in the past, it was majorly governed by the presence of light such as sunlight as well as moonlight.

Many people now work at night, because of this their circadian rhythms are disturbed, due to which they become less and less productive over time, and they are unable to get proper sleep despite being tired during the day when they have time.

If this continues for a while, it can easily result in a Shift Work Sleep Disorder.

Here are some of the symptoms of Shift Work Sleep Disorder: 

Difficulty in focusing on the task at hand

Fatigue or Drowsiness at work

Insomnia or lack of good quality sleep during the day ( or when you are meant to be asleep)




Who are the People who are Most Susceptible to Shift Work Sleep Disorders? 

People working in Night Shifts:

There are many people who work in night shifts in factories, or even service-based industries such as hotels, transportation, and even the entertainment industries.

Our bodies’ circadian rhythm has been evolved for sleep at night, and work during the day, thus people working in night shift or working primarily at night have chances of suffering from Shift Work Sleep Disorder.

People Working in Rotating Shifts:

People who work in rotating shifts or flexible shifts usually have different working times on a daily or weekly basis. At first glance, this may seem a better way of working when compared to working primarily in night shifts.

People who work in rotating or flexible shifts cause even more damage to their circadian rhythm as your body is not given enough time to form a pattern and adjust to the constantly changing routines.

People who work in such shifts may face chronic fatigue, irritability and even fail in being productive at their jobs or tasks due to their constantly changing sleeping and waking up hours and suffer from Shift Work Sleep Disorder over time.

People Working in Graveyard Shifts:

Graveyard shifts, just like their ominous name deal with tasks or jobs that usually start after midnight and ends before sunrise. People working in morgues, graveyards, traffic places, or even hospitals may have similar working hours.

Usually, people get their best sleep between midnight and early morning, which is often denied to people working in graveyard shifts.

People who work in graveyard shifts are also likely to suffer from shift work sleep disorder.

People Who Work On Demand or Round the Clock:

Nowadays there are many services and jobs which operate on demand such as transportation like taxis, or jobs where a person has to be around the clock. Some people don’t have any boundaries between their work and their personal life.

Such people are usually working in the entertainment industries, healthcare industries, or hospitality industries. Nowadays people working in development and technology sectors also work for an insane amount of continuous hours which also includes some entrepreneurs and business owners as well as artists and inventors

These are a few groups of people who are likely to suffer from shift Work Sleep Disorder over a period of time.

How does Modalert Help in the Treatment of Shift Work Sleep Disorder?

Modalert is a leading generic brand of the drug Modafinil which is sold under the brand name Nuvigil, and it is primarily a wakefulness-promoting drug that treats excessive day time sleepiness related disorders such as narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea.

Modafinil is also prescribed for the treatment of Shift Work Sleep Disorder as excessive daytime sleepiness is a symptom of this condition.

But there are many other benefits of using Modalert for the Treatment of Shift Work Sleep Disorder. 

When a person takes a standard dosage of Modalert before his or her or their shift or work begins, the medication takes about 30 minutes as its onset period. After its onset, Modalert stays active in the body for about 12-15 hours.

During these 12-15 hours, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits of the generic medication Modalert:

You will feel more focused and alert:

We all know there is a huge difference between been awake and being alert and if you are taking Modalert before your shift, we assume that you want to be focused and alert at your tasks or on your job.

This happens as Modafinil present in this medication is said to induce the release of dopamine in the body which is a neurotransmitter that makes a person more focused and alert.

You will be More Productive and Happy:

Do you know that Modafinil is also prescribed for the treatment of depression? Yes, hence when this drug is in your system, your mood is good thanks to the neurotransmitter known as dopamine which is known for increasing the pleasure that you derive from things and making your tasks at hand more interesting and enjoyable.

And when you enjoy what you do, you are more likely to do it for extra hours or faster thus increasing your productivity at work.

This medication is also beneficial in cutting down distractions and allowing you to spend laser-sharp focus only on the tasks at hand, thus allowing you to do cross more tasks off your list in less amount of time.

Modalert is a Pocket-friendly Treatment of Shift Work Sleep disorder:

If you are working multiple days and night jobs to make ends meet, it is totally understandable that you may not have enough funds to spend on the brand name treatment of Shift Work Sleep Disorder such as Provigil.

But Modalert is a generic brand, and it is said to be among the most effective generic brand of Modafinil which is evident by its long active hours. If you buy Modalert online from alldayawake.com, you will be able to save even more with the help of coupon codes, discounts, and offers.

Just to make it clear, both the generic and brand name medications have the same active ingredient thus they are equally effective for the treatment, but the producers of generic ones do not have to invest in research and marketing that the original producers have to, so they are able to offer it at a much more pocket-friendly price.

Are there any other brands of Modafinil which can be used for the treatment of Shift Work Sleep Disorder?

Yes, you will find other brands of Modafinil such as Modvigil and Modaheal which can be used as a substitute for Provigil.

There are brands of generic Armodafinil such as Waklert and Artvigil which is a similar drug to Modafinil but is slightly more potent or stronger than it.

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