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DrivewaysThe Best 6 Materials for Driveways in Warwickshire

Driveways see a lot of traffic and they’re exposed to the elements, meaning the choice of material is important. By designing a driveway with a robust quality material that will last for decades, you’ll spend much less on repairs and do-overs than if you cut corners and use substandard materials. The materials outlined below all hold up against adverse weather and traffic, and they look fantastic as well. 


Tarmac offers an affordable option that will last about fifteen years, and the best part about it is you won’t have to spend a fortune or waste a lot of time on maintenance. However, the installation of tarmac isn’t the easiest, which is why we recommend using a reputable installation company for driveways Warwickshire. As well as coming to complete the job, a business worth its weight will help at every stage from making a plan to finishing the project. 


A stone driveway doesn’t require a deep wallet, it looks stunning, calls for scarce maintenance, and is easy to install. That being said, drivers must be careful on this type of surface because there’s a chance that stray stones will fly upward and scratch the paint. As well as this, the stones can get stuck in boots, which means family members may traipse stones through the property. 


Most homeowners associate slate with roofing construction, but it’s a versatile and inexpensive material that can be used to create a solid driveway. When slate chippings are slotted together and laid on a sloped surface, the end result is a robust surface that will withstand over a decade’s worth of wear and tear. However, just as you do with roof tiles, you’ll have to check the surface for cracks so there are no unexpected and expensive repairs. 

Pea Shingle

Pea shingle – or pea gravel – is a close relative to the gravel driveway. The key difference is that small rounded stones are used to create a unique surface with a notable crunchy sound. The way the stones are laid allows surface water to trickle away, which means the driveway is always safe to walk or drive over. As a bonus feature, the surface is pretty loud, meaning you’ll always hear people approaching. 


Resin-bound driveways combine aggregate stones and resin to create a flexible driveway that won’t crack easily. When the materials are mixed together for a driveway, the honeycomb infrastructure allows surface water to drain away, which means your car is less likely to slip over the surface. 


Cobblestone driveways pop with colour, which makes them a more appealing option than traditional concrete. As well as looking aesthetically pleasing, a cobblestone driveway is easy to install. All you need to do is prepare the ground, lay the cement, and then push the cobbles into your desired pattern. This type of material is easy to maintain; you simply need to pull up any protruding weeds and clean the surface. 

A driveway installation is an affordable way to improve the kerb appeal and safety of your home; all you need to do now is define your goals and choose a material that meets them. 

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