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The Best Basketball Moves to Beat Opposition Defenders

In any shooter basketball game, beating the opposition’s defenders is crucial to getting a good shot. Many moves can help you beat your defender and get the ball into the hoop, but not all are equally effective.

For a move to be effective, it must be hard for the defender to stop it and easy for you to execute. Some of the best moves in basketball are simple, but they can be very effective if done correctly. They also work when used by different players with varying skill levels.

In this article, we’ll look at some of these moves and explain how they work so you can use them on your next game day.

Crossover Dribble

The crossover dribble is one of the most popular moves in basketball. It’s a great way to get past defenders trying to guard you, and it works well on offense and defense.

The key to making this move work is knowing when to use it. For your defender not to expect it, you need to be dribbling downcourt with one hand before crossing over; otherwise, he will block your shot easily.

Working with a basketball shooting machine is also a great way to practice this move. When you get in your crossover, the defender will be forced to choose which hand you will use. You can use this confusion to your advantage by moving in one direction and quickly changing directions with your dribble before he can react.

Through the Legs Dribble

The second effective way to get a defender off balance is through the legs. This is an advanced move, but it can be very effective in getting past your opponent and opening for a shot. The key to successfully making this move is learning to cross over with control.

Start by dribbling with one hand on your head and another at waist level (or slightly higher). As you move downcourt, bring both hands together and cross them over each other as if they were tied together with string.

Last, bring both hands back down to the waist level of your body and then bring them back up again. The key here is that you always want to keep your dribble under control.

Think about it as you’re making this move: as long as you cross over with control, there will be no problems. If not, you’ll either lose the ball or have it taken away from you by the defender—which isn’t what we want.

Behind the Back Dribble

A talented basketball shooter understands that an excellent shot is about mastering the fundamentals of your sport and knowing how to use those skills in different ways. One way to keep your defender off-balance is by using a behind-the-back dribble before you shoot.

This move is effective when you have an open shot and need extra space between you and your opponent so they can’t block it.

To perform a behind-the-back dribble, you’ll want to start by bringing the ball up to your chest. From there, bring it behind your back and then bring it forward again while keeping your eyes on the basket. This should give you enough room on either side of you that your defender can’t get close enough to block any of your shots.

In-and-Out Dribble

Best practiced with a basketball machine, the in-and-out dribble is a brilliant move when you want to get past your defender without going all out. This move also works well if you’re trying to get around someone guarding you closely because it allows them just enough room that they won’t be able to steal the ball from you before you pass it off.

This trick works by bringing the ball up towards your chest, then quickly pushing it forward and pulling it back again. Then you repeat the process until you’re around your defender or have passed them by completely. You can also use this move to get past players guarding you closely by sliding it back and forth between your hands while they try to block you.


Beating opposition defenders is a skill everyone needs to learn to be great at basketball. The moves and tips outlined in this article will help you beat your opposition easily, allowing you more opportunities to score points and win games. It’s crucial to practice with a shooting machine to perfect your shots, and it’s equally important to get your basketball trainer for advice on improving your game.

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