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The Best Cloud Academy

Cloud Academy is a private service organization in Jordan. Which is approved by the government and is conducted in accordance with the government morning rules and regulations. The main purpose of this organization is to provide educational services and training to a variety of organizations and institutions and to provide the best interactive learning tools for teachers and trainers to transform their students from recipients to the best interactive learning tools suppliers, reselling and installing their platform for clients in all education sectors. I live. Also, provide different types of services. We provide services through our academy in two ways. We also use the platform for two purposes: the first is to become entrepreneurial platforms and the second is to sell the platform in the above sectors.


The type of our service

We usually provide services in two processes

  1. Entrepreneurs become like platforms
  2. Platform sales in different sectors


1. Entrepreneurs become like platforms

We are a software company providing a variety of business solutions and services. Where we provide an educational platform to the field of education and help to win at the highest level. We install a platform on the clients’ servers and train them on the educational platform so that they can later settle down on their own platform.


2. Platform sales in different sectors

We sell the platforms as a result of the various benefits of different sectors and platforms as well as making cotton efficient by training clients. We have launched it as an educational platform owned by our company and have been providing regular services. Here we will be available a training course for those who are interested in providing educational courses to anyone who will be able to create it after passing the course and the full value of the earnings will be from the sale of the course for him.



  • Live Lectures
  • interactive exercises
  • Certificates
  • Communicate with students and lecturers


Our Best Courses

  • Become a Java Specialist – Core Java Programming for Beginners
  • How to Build a Website & Launch ONLINE – HTML & CSS Course For Beginners
  • Learn How To Create Interactive Content To Start Your Career
  • start teaching your kids English at home-Reading & Language Arts Second Grade


Last Word

Excellent human resources in education. So that’s what we want to learn or know or choose as a profession. Then, first of all, we have to make the right decision. Then, to survive, you need to find the right organization for what you want to do or learn. You may find many academies but I can guarantee you will not find many good academies. You will find Cloud Academy in the list of the best among them.

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