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The job market is like a maze and reaching your desired point is unimaginably tough. Hiring is a complex business and that statement is not just true for professionals searching for jobs, but also holds relevance for employers who are burning the midnight oil to win the talent war.

In point of fact, research shows that enticing suitable talent is the biggest priority and challenge for over 67% of hiring managers, so, on an average, an organization spends around $4,120 and 29 days per hire. Most companies just wish if there were an easier way to attract the best talent in the industry, but sadly, none of them have come up with the perfect formula as yet.

Though taking assistance from executive recruiters can be a solution, but finding the best one that is well-equipped to understand your organization’s situation and get you the best talent is a tough nut to crack. Forbes recently collaborated with Statista, a market research firm, in order to calm down the curiosity of such organizations that are ready to go an extra mile to stay ahead of their competitors in the talent war and are eagerly wanting to identify the best executive recruiting firms out there.

As a result of their association, a list the most sought-after recruiting firms has come into the limelight. Korn Ferry, based out of Los Angeles, dominated this particular ranking. It partners over 93 percent of the Fortune 100 organizations.

Top Executive Search Firms

There was a time when candidates began to search jobs over the internet, the applicant pool was flooded with resumes and picking out the right candidates was incredibly taxing for recruiters. That is when Korn Ferry showcased its effectiveness in the market by swiping away a heavy load of work off the shoulders of hiring managers and it all became possible due to an efficacious utilization of intellectual property, according to the company’s CEO, Gary Burnison.

He says that they have developed and expertise in IT and research and, on the basis of their insights, have the ability analyze what attributes would go with which profession and that is the mantra of their success.

Another executive research firm that tasted success this year, especially for its data-driven approach to recruiting is Lucas Group that is based in Atlanta. Also, quite famous for its effective work in the area of professional research, the Lucas Group has been in the job market for almost fifty years now and is known for serving small along with the Fortune 100 organizations by leveraging an over-aggressive candidate-tracking system.

MRINetwork, a topnotch executive search firm in Philadelphia, perceived ‘maintaining relationship’ as the heart of their strategy and certainly won many hearts in the job market with its phenomenal performance. Mostly popular for providing services to small as well as midsize companies, the firm climbed the steps to prosperity by comprehending the professionals and personal needs of its candidates and bringing them in line with the aspirations of the clients. The firm has a motto of sustaining long-lasting relationships with its clients and candidates.

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