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There is often a reference to the expression”practice, practice. “practice makes perfect”.

The usage of this phrase is suitable when it comes down to football, particularly when I think about my younger self when I played this game more frequently as I do now.

The method I was able manipulate the ball with constant precision was largely because of the numerous training sessions for target with my friends. We played matches that were 5 or 6 away with brick-sized stones as goals posts.

The ability to hit these tiny targets increased my shooting ability without a doubt. I was able to appreciate the passion displayed by pros such as David Beckham, who perfected the art of free kicks through training every day.

In this piece I’m going to provide an in-depth review of the most effective football mannequins players can make use of to improve their skills from dead ball situations.

The advantages of football Mannequins

The top football mannequins offer numerous benefits that are evident as well, and in this instance I’ll highlight some of them.


These items of equipment typically include with solid body structures as well as a rubber base that helps to hold the mannequin securely in its place after being placed upon the floor.

Because it is the case that the base is generally detached moving it to different parts within the pitch or to other locations is simple, because the mannequins don’t have to be weighty to transport.

Some models also have steel spikes that are integrated in the bottom which offer great stability when placed on grassy surfaces such as grass.

The spikes work like candles in a birthday cake because you can take them out and move the mannequin to another part in the pitch with relatively ease.

Storage is easy and convenient

With football gear that is as big as this, players often face difficulties in storing it.

The last thing you want to do is to leave your mannequin outside in the yard when it’s not being used, since long exposure to sunlight has been proven for polyvinyl chloride – the material that mannequins are constructed from – to fade away.

Since mannequins are slim and thin, they are easily to slide into spaces like shelves and require the smallest amount of flooring space due to their being made to resemble the shape of the human figure. the obstacle a free-kick user must navigate.

Excellent simulation

Mannequins enable players to recreate the game’s environment in an actual game.

You can improve your free kick technique by setting 5 or 4 of them side-by-side in a vertical line , and try to spin the ball above or under them while you aim towards the goal that is open in front of.

However, their usage isn’t just limited to free kicks because you can also set up basic corner routines with these as well.

One of my dislikes is seeing full-time professionals struggle to pass the ball over the first player when kicking a corner.

Set a few mannequins inside the 18-yard and 6-yard boxes to improve your corner’s accuracy by targeting them near the flag of your corner.

Things to think about before purchasing a football model

Here I’ll highlight some of the factors buyers need to consider before making a decision on the best product.

This is how:


For robustness the most robust football mannequins must be able to endure an avalanche of wildly struck shots.

It is all you have to think back to the numerous instances when Cristiano Ronaldo has smashed into the wall during a competitive game to illustrate the kind of force a mannequin will have to absorb.

But, it is believed to be a superior material to be used in designing a football mannequin since it’s even more durable which is perfect for this particular scenario since the ball is repeatedly struck on the structure.


The dimension of the mannequins is an important thing that one should bear in mind since they should be appropriate enough to meet the requirements of the individuals who will be using them.

For instance it’s not worth buying an mannequin that is 6 feet tall for those who are younger than 9 years old because they’re still in the beginning of their football development , and will not be able to hit the ball with significant height or speed.

In this scenario the mannequin of approximately 4 feet tall could be more suitable because it is simpler for them to hit the ball on the highest point of the structure , and try to perfect the dipping technique.

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