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Guest bedroom is a luxury that not every home owner will have, so home owners who are lucky enough to have a guest bedroom should try to make the most of that space. However, many home owners neglect the guest bedroom and simply throw in their leftover items in the room.

Creating a guest bedroom that is comfortable and cozy does not need to require a lot of time, effort or money. Here are some of the best improvements to make to a guest bedroom that will make everyone feel comfortable and welcomed.

Cover the safety basics

Safety is always important in any are of the home. Because the guest bedroom gets neglected often, it is easy for safety issues to build up in the space. Home owners should check the room regularly to make sure everything is at the same safety level as the rest of the house. A great way to do this is to connect the room to the home security systems.

Remake a cozy attic loft

It is common to forget about the attic space, but the attic can function as more than just storage for old, unused items. Home owners can consider refurbishing their attic space to create a cozy guest bedroom loft. This is a great way to give guests extra privacy and make use of another space in the home.

Upgrade the bed

Most people will put an old mattress from another room into the guest room. This can be uncomfortable for any guest, so home owners should upgrade and consider buying a new beds and mattress for the guest bedroom. Because the mattress will not be used often, home owners can rely on the mattress lasting long too.

Create a vacation retreat

Guests like to feel like they are at a luxury vacation retreat when they are in their guest bedroom. Though most home owners cannot provide all the luxuries of a resort, they can give them a space that mimics everything people love about a vacation. Having a guest bedroom design that reminds people of the beach and giving them extras like their own toiletries are little touches every guest will appreciate.

Clean up and organize the clutter

The guest bedroom all too often turns into another storage space in many homes. Home owners should be aware of what they are putting in the guest bedroom and work to keep the space as open as possible for their guests. Families can clean up their cluttered rooms and create an organization system in the guest bedroom that will still allow the guests to have some space to use.

Maintain the space

Again, the neglected guest bedroom can quickly become run down if families are not regularly taking care of it. Home owners should clean their extra bedrooms regularly, at least once a week, to keep everything fresh and in good quality. This is a simple task that anyone can complete.

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