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You can guarantee that the nikkel anode metals from are some of the highest quality metal products. You can find anodes and powders with different degrees to use.

As you know, nickel is one of the most sought-after ingredients for many industries. You can find it in various household appliances as well as other items. However, finding a high-quality nickel can be difficult to find. It’s because so many vendors competing to provide the cheapest metal disregarding the quality.

A low-grade metal won’t give the same protection and quality. Even when you use the best metal in the mix, the low-grade one will lower the result. These metals are not only dangerous for the product but also for your health after long-term exposure.

What is Nickel Anode?

Anyone familiar with the electroplating process understands the importance of an anode. In any electroplating method, an anode is an essential step to have. Electroplating requires anode and cathode as the positive and negative electrons to keep the coating in place.

Many people think of anodes or the negative electrons as the crucial part because it’s the first coating process. A good anode sets the tone for the whole coating process. Followed by the cathodes and the final coating,

As an anode, nickel is affordable and gives the best result. You can find nickel anodes in the automobile industry and jewelry making. Using nickel will ensure the product has the best protection against corrosion and

Why at

The website focuses on providing metals for various industrial and commercial purposes. You can choose any of their metal anodes, powders, and precious metals for your needs.

You don’t have to worry about the metal selections. The website also offers Copper and Zinc anodes. They also offer several metal powders, such as Aluminum powder, Brass metal powder, and Iron metal powder.

Their products come in several sizes, so you need to pay attention before ordering. One thing is for sure, they provide metals with 99,98% purity.

The website is of a Lithuanian company. And being part of the European Union country, the website complies with the regulation. Please ensure that you have all paperwork ready before your purchase. This is to keep the metal in good condition when they reach your address.

They will start processing your order within three working days. Any order from another country will take up to 32 days until arrival. If the metal you ordered is suddenly unavailable, they will source from other companies to meet your order within seven days. Of course, you also can cancel the order and receive a refund immediately.

Now you know not to look any further and get your nikkel anode metals from They provide metals with 99,9% purity in various sizes. You need to ensure that you choose the right size for your nickel anodes.

If you’re representing a European Union company, you can reach out to the company before placing your order. As they have a zero VAT rate for companies in the European Union with VAT registration numbers.

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