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The Best Sex Toy

Sex in the bathroom is something that has been experienced by many couple. You go bathing together, somehow start kissing and eventually end up having sex there. It is a nice encounter though. Solo sex is many at time carried out in the bathroom too. A lady simply starts caressing her body and vaginal area with water or soap and before they know it they just realise they have to go all the way. Generally sex toys are not considered the best bathroom companions. However, with proper planning you can still carry them there. Whatever vibrators for women that you intend to carry into the bathroom always consider the following factors:

The first and foremost factor to consider is the material from which it is made. The safest material used to produce these adult novelties is silicone. Silicone is soft and can be used in any environment, wet or dry. It can not cause you any injuries in case of a fall or slip. A harder object is not nice for your vagina in such a surrounding unless you’ve dried up everything around you and the concentration is on sex and not bathing. Glass may be worth trying where you don’t have silicone. Cleaning a non-porous material is easier so use this.

Batteries are not good for the bathroom. Electricity and water have never been good friends either and therefore imagine what such an electric powered vibrator would do to your vagina once it comes into contact with water. The best option here would be to use male masturbators for the man and manual vibrators for women in the case of the lady. These do not require electricity or batteries. Away from electric shock, the battery may be harmful once it gets stained.

If you want to stimulate your clitoris to the maximum, a textured surface may do the trick. This is a good option where access to vibrators that give intense stimulation are forbidden. So don’t cry about our advice of not having to use powered vibrators in the bathroom. You can still get the vibration from textured surfaces. You can direct the water to your downside in whichever way you want it using your hand.

Heavier sextoys are preferred to the lighter ones in the bathroom. The reason behind this is that every time you place the toy on your clit while immersed in water it is likely to come back to the surface. Just imagine the disappointment. A heavier device will do the trick.

Whatever female vibrator you carry into the bathroom must be waterproof. These are safer than the porous ones. You would want a vibrator that allows water in it yet the same vibrator is to be inserted into your vagina. Cleaning a porous vibrator may also be cumbersome.

Far from the substandard, unreliable and unhealthy toys you’ve come across on the internet, it is time to offer you what you actually deserve in terms of quality and design. You need first hand knowhow about high quality adult novelties. Don’t allow yourself to be duped into going for sex toys that do not suit your needs and may even cause you regrettable harm.

Women have a particular philosophy about the kind of lingerie they use. There is the belief that nice, beautiful and sexy lingerie will give a lady a sexy feeling about herself. The fact that nobody can tell what you’ve put on inside is no cause for alarm. It is generally accepted that a person’s sensuality is based more on what lies underneath as opposed to the outward looks. Female vibrators have adopted such a philosophy too.

Whenever a lady caresses a nice vibrator, a sexy feeling is built up within the general intimate inner self. It is easy to tell how frantic it can be. At this point therefore it is vital that you know how you can actually obtain this sextoy that is as fantastic as wearing sexy lingerie and expensive jewellery.

Every time you are shopping around for the vibrators from the best adult stores in Australia, it would be prudent to first of all choose the most elegant picture you can see. It is this nice looking element of the vibrator that will give you the sexy feeling about it. Thereafter you can click on it and browse further to check the other features.

In most cases a nice looking vibrator from the best adult stores online comes with attractive monotone colours such glossy white, or grey. This colour creates a cool impression on the eyes. Pick a colour that is either silky or shiny. This creates a smooth sense of touch. Silicone is seen by some people as not creating an elegant impression. In this case therefore it would be wise to choose glass or metal. Plastic has been found to be less safe to your rather soft vaginal area and body in general. A cool effect is also produced by glass and metal if exposed to cooler temperatures.

The most elegant vibrators for women will always come with a sleek shape and design. This is as compared with the cheap, harmful, shapeless and extra large dildo circulating on the market and online. The designers of these unreliable dildos do not consider your specific needs and general health. Money is all they want. A nice vibrator need not have very many embellishments.

Longer durations of sexual gratification are extremely vital to all women. Therefore the best vibrator should have longer life battery power. The speed should be adjustable too to vary the user’s levels of enjoyment.

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