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Remaps, or tunes, have a way of introducing an explosive sound in cars that breaks up as they decelerate, which is often called Pop and Bangs remap. In terms of adding this feature to your car, it is similar to adding an extra feature to an existing one.

Different names have been given to this feature from different places, such as deceleration map, crackle map, anti-lag system, exhaust crackle, popcorn, pop on overrun, exhaust overrun, burbles, and so on. Almost everyone knows how much fun it is to accelerate in a car.

What is a pop and bang tune?

During deceleration, the movement of the engine and the exhaust pipe causes a lot of heat, and the heat gets trapped in the exhaust pipe. Due to this, the temperature of the exhaust pipe can get a lot high. This makes the exhaust pipe make noise.

There are two ways to decelerate a car. The first one is to slow down the speed through brakes; the second one is to decelerate the vehicle through force to the tire. The engine produces heat, and this heat gets trapped in the exhaust pipe.

Because of this, the heat goes up the exhaust pipe, which gives the spark and makes a loud sound. What do you need to know about pop and bang tunes? You need to invest in a few tools. You will need tools to produce the pop and bang effect.

How is pop and bang tune created?

The upgrade to a loud and rough exhaust has a simple formula, which consists of two stages. It begins with very tiny popping sounds that occur as soon as the car reaches a top speed. These sound waves are usually produced by the rear springs.

The next step is to determine the ideal ratio of tiny popping to massive plonk sound to be made. The excellent balance can be gained through an exhaust computer, exhaust tuning, and some mechanical modifications to the car. If not perfectly tuned, this system may also blow off the tires or cause early failure.

Different names of pop and bang tune

The original term is pop and bang. An additional time used to refer to a feature like this is burble. Burble at 650 pm. Burble at 600 pm. This is especially useful for tuning supercars like Ferrari or Aston Martin.

What’s more about the technical details of this feature? This feature is activated by pressing one of the four switches located at the front of the car. These are what you’ll find in your car. The two black switches are located at the front left and front right sides of the car.

The blue switch is located on the front right side. The green button is located at the front left side. The yellow switch is located at the front right side. This allows a user to adjust the temperature at which this feature is activated.

Benefits of having a tuned exhaust system

We can’t deny the fact that the most crucial aspect of driving a car is the car’s sound. For this reason, the custom exhaust system in your car is most vital. Besides, a high-quality exhaust system in your car will provide a high-quality sound and give the vibes that you don’t get anywhere else in the world. Better emissions When you tune the exhaust system in your car, you get an additional benefit of better emissions.

The exhaust system will absorb the exhaust gases before they escape the vehicle through the emission sensors. This will result in better emissions because it will ensure that you don’t get the maximum benefits. Increased throttle response You need to run your car on the maximum available RPMs.


Pop and Bangs remap are some of the best features in most auto mod jobs. This is the car mod that makes your car sound super-delicious every time you reverse into a parking space. In short, the system mentioned above adds significant vibrations into the car.

The maximum you can get this would be 400 or 500 decibels of rumbling, just like popcorn. This rumbling noise can be customized according to your choice. There are many varieties of this mod with different names. For example, the so-called Tutt’s Truck’s Tank is known as Extractor’s Tank in some places.

However, one has to carry a toolkit with them if you want to remap your pop and bangs. It is a really difficult task to customize pop and bangs in a proper manner, and it is not a one-step process.

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