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Regardless of whether or not cigar box packaging is the oldest type of packaging, it is the best. At the same time, it’s undoubtedly one of the most classic, elegant, high-end, and useful package designs that have ever been devised. Incidentally, malleable.


The “classic” cigar box will not challenge you. And, perhaps, that’s part of the allure of it; it is exactly what it is. Although we’ll never completely banish the cigar box’s appeal, we can at least address why it holds so much appeal for us at Sunrise Pack.

If you have to call it something, call it a Cigar Box!

The appeal of the cigar box would be pretty much the same regardless. You’re excited to have access to this classic box, aren’t you?


Usually, cigar boxes are made of a sturdier material. It secures their goods as well as making them immediately more stable.


To meet the diverse demands of our customers, we’ve produced many different designs of boxes with varying shapes and styles. It’s possible to use any number of designs on the custom cigar boxes. Here are some of the available material techniques: foil stamping, embossing, and packaging in foil.


Being in a solid situation inside the box is essential as well. The sizes of cigar boxes can vary and are therefore good for almost all. Sunrise is a manufacturer that develops our own parts, whether they are made of plastic foam or ThermoForming.

The image is a perfect example of how well basic items can be customized. The mix of the hinged lid, navy blue cloth, and foil make for a timeless, classy impression. To see any more of our cigar boxes, please browse through our collection. We’re completely happy to help you finish the project when you’re ready.

state of the art personal lockers

No man in his right mind should be without a custom-engraved cigar box on his wedding day! personalized cigar boxes make fantastic presents, and are ideal for housing a collection.

For you, a husband, father, boyfriend, father-in-law, father-in-law-to-law, father, father, father, father-to-to-be, or for him who has all of them, this is a fine present Get your hands on a monogrammed wholesale cigar boxes if you’re giving a case to your dad, your husband, or your stepsister—all those dudes that you wish you were meeting for the first time this Father’s Day. If you want to take the project to the next level, put a cigar cutter on it.


Looking for the lowest prices on exclusive humidors and smoking accessories?

We have the resources to support! You might also remember, dealers, tend to overcharge on various cigar products. Nevertheless, while it’s only storage, you’ll always find the price of cigar humidors to be extraordinary.


It’s ridiculous to pay more. At 1st Class, you can purchase accessories of one of excellent quality and heavily discounted one-of-a-kinds.


Our goal is to offer the lowest internet rates anywhere else. Let us know if you discover a lower price and we will match it. Please email us with questions, and we’ll be happy to answer them! Take your time and stay with us, have a good look around.


In time, you will have to start thinking about proper Personalized Cigar Boxes. Cigars need the correct moisture level, and a humidifier is needed for long- It’s important for any cigar enthusiast to have a “humidor”.

While keeping cigars at optimum levels initially seems challenging, it’s quite simple once you understand how. What you’ve found here is some helpful information when purchasing a humidor.

Cigar humidors work in relation to curing and smoking.

A good humidor contains everything you’ll need for proper cigar care. The consistency of a humidor is more than just the ability to maintain an appropriate humidity for your cigars. The humidification method is the most important component of a humidor. Water should be added to a humidifier, which is almost always soaked in distillation, so it can keep the cigars from drying out and slow-burning.


It’s also really critical to have a humidity sensor in your package, known as a hygrometer. Also used to refer to It gauges the moisture levels inside to let you know whether you need to water stuff up or get rid of the excess moisture. Would you like some assistance? Just ask and we’ll do our best to assist you.

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