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When you are setting up a new website, there are countless things to know and to take into contemplation to make sure your spending is within the budget. Over the time, I have come across many questions including how much it costs to launch a website in regard to website hosting and domains. In this brief, we want to find answers to all those questions and eventually determine an average amount of money that kings of the web are likely to demand.

The Basic idea

Majority of those people asking questions about the cost of website hosting and domains and the amount of money that someone will incur to start the website have not yet started the website. For this reason, there’s need to understand some key terminologies in this regard including web hosting and domains.
What is web hosting?
Web Hosting is a service that allows website owners both individual and organizations to post something in the internet. There are different types of web hosting services that are available today which now makes it difficult for starters to choose a web host.
For every business, choosing a web hosting service is the biggest and the most challenging steps. Though, some big companies and organizations have their own in-house data centers that support their websites.

What is the cost of web Hosting?

Some small and upcoming business websites are hosted by third parties which means you should be prepared to spend some money on their services. Though, there are several factors that determines the cost of web Hosting services:
Free web Hosting-This is actually the most cost effective ways of owning a functional website for your business.
Paid web hosting-If you now want to start your website, there are fairly good chances of landing an affordable deal. You can choose a shared hosting plan with the annual cost of $50 to $150. The cost in this case depends entirely on the service providers. Actually, I term this as the most cost effective for entry level website owners.
If you now have a website that anticipates huge traffic and frequent spiking, you should be looking for a dedicated hosting that can cost you a minimum of $100 a month.

Domain Name

This is the foremost thing that constitutes your website. Furthermore, this is your website address. The good news is that there are several domain service providers like Namecheap in the market that offers affordable domain registration facilities. Though, there are some hosting providers that offer totally free domain registration services.
The price of your domain name will depend on the service provider you choose. The reality is that each registrar has their own standard pricing, renewal fees, accessory fees and packages offered. On average, the domain names may cost an average of $10-$15 annually.

Premium domain names

The price may also differ when other premium services are offered. Though, you have to be very careful with domain names. Some people will tell you that every expensive domain name is a premium domain name. High prices don’t indicate quality. You may end up paying up to $50 on average for premium domain names.

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