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In this fast-paced world, businesses are creating strategies to fulfill every wish of customers; whether customers want quick services or quality solutions, businesses are trying every possible way to cater to their requirements. Popular on-demand food delivery apps like Uber, Deliveroo, Postmates, and Zomato are meeting customers’ needs by offering on-demand solutions. Such apps are satisfying millennials through a one-stop solution. Using an on-demand food delivery app, customers can create an account and order flavoursome food from their favorite restaurants. Customers can instantly order food from any place and at any time.

Statista Statistics: The revenue in the food delivery segment is expected to show CAGR (annual growth rate) of 12.8% from the year 2019 to 2023. Investors looking for profitable business opportunities can invest in the development of on-demand food delivery apps and create a source of everlasting income. The app will provide a common platform to connect restaurants and customers. Thus, business owners can charge a commission on every successful order delivery.

What is the guarantee of the success of the app? It is a valid question that needs to be answered because no investor wants to invest in a non-lucrative opportunity. Creating an advanced food delivery app like Postmates or Zomato can guarantee success. How can you create an advanced app? What steps should be followed and what factors should be considered while developing an Uber-like app?

Let’s discuss the essential steps to create a food delivery app like Uber.

Custom App Blueprint

There will be dedicated apps for customers, delivery boys, and restaurant owners, and an admin panel will be provided for business owners. The admin can control their business through this panel.

Let’s discuss in detail about the apps and features related to them.


  • Customer App

Users can download and use the app for placing an order. From order to payment, customers can use this app for order procurement. The app will comprise the following features.

Customer App Features

Sign Up: Using this option, new customers can create their accounts and register through Facebook, email & phone numbers.

Booking: Customers can use this option to choose and order food items from any restaurant.

Cost Calculator: The calculator will automatically give the cost estimate for selected food items. Thus, customers can know about the bill related to their orders.

Ratings & Reviews: This feature will allow customers to rate restaurants by adding reviews and ratings.

Push Notification: Customers will get notifications related to orders, payment, etc through this option.

Track the Delivery Men: Users can use this feature to track the location of deliverymen once the order is ready.

Pay: The feature will allow customers to choose different payment options like cash on delivery, third-party gateways, credit cards, debit cards for the payment of orders.

History Detail: Users can check the details related to past orders and can save for future references.

  • Delivery Boy App

People who are willing to work as delivery men can download the app and start with a simple registration process.

Features of Delivery Boy App

Registration: The registration option will allow users to add their detailed information and register as delivery men.

Customize Profile: Using this feature, deliverymen can customize their profiles. They can add or remove information related to them.

Toggle Availability: Deliverymen can use this option to show their online presence to restaurants, and hence they can accept orders.

Customer Info: Deliverymen can search for customers’ info and find customers’ locations where they have to deliver orders.

Inbuilt Navigation System: The live navigation feature will provide a live road map to customers’ location.

Earnings: Delivery boys can get detailed information related to their earnings.

  • Restaurant App

Restaurant owners can use the app to build their profiles, including menus, launch discounts & offers, manage orders and track the location of delivery men.

Features of the Restaurant App

Create Profile: Restaurants owners can use this option to add photos and other information related to their restaurants.

Latest Offers: Using this option, restaurants can add or remove offers and can promote their businesses.

Menu Management: Restaurant owners can use this option to add or remove menus.

Track Status: The track status option helps restaurant owners to check the live location of delivery men and check whether the order is delivered.

Order Management: Restaurant owners can accept and reject orders through this option.

Earnings Management: The feature offers the latest types of tools and kits for the management of earnings.

The above features are important for Uber for food delivery app.

  • Admin Panel

The master panel will allow business owners to connect and manage delivery boy app, customer app, and restaurant app.\

Features of the Admin Panel

Manage Delivery: Business owners can use this feature to remove or add restaurants & delivery boys.

Eagle’s Eye: Admin can use this option to find customer-centric areas for their businesses.

Customize: The admin can either include and make adjustments in the app.

Add Update: Using this option, business owners can notify customers and restaurants about new offers.

Advanced Analytics: The advanced analytics tool will help the admin to know about orders, payments, profitable areas, etc.

Manage Rates: The admin can use this option to set commissions and rates.

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