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Why Gold is A Lucrative Investment. Gold is one of the oldest royal metals still in use today, it is also one of the oldest investment solutions available for investors.

Yes, people who buy and sell bullion believe that they are able to keep their wealth safe by holding gold rather than cash. The main advantage of holding gold is you will not worry about gold losing value, unlike stocks and mutual funds which have a tendency to fluctuate, dip, or completely devalue, gold’s purchasing power will remain the same.

In fact, you will see that there will be times when gold actually increases in value, this is due to currency devaluation. Even central banks and global financial organisations are constantly adding to their gold preserves such as China and Russia. Gold is considered one of the best ways to preserve wealth in times of financial crisis, not only can gold retain and increase its value while other investment products are dropping amidst global financial uncertainty.

During times of inflation, the price of gold and silver rise, people who buy and sell bullion can enjoy substantial profits even while the stock market is falling if you can time the market. You will also notice that gold and silver often outperform other investments because people find security with gold or silver when the world is experiencing major crises like the central bank money printing, or nuclear missile concerns, and so on.

Gold is accepted everywhere, anywhere you choose to sell bullion, whether it is in Australia or in Europe, it will be accepted. Unlike stocks and other forms of investment, people will not hesitate with gold. Remember that because gold has the capacity to preserve wealth, a lot of companies and individuals have been looking into buying and selling gold themselves. So all you need to do is find the perfect rate to the market spot price and not worry about the location.

To Sell bullion is easy, there are many ways you can sell your gold. You can approach gold dealers or bullion banks. Just choose which gold buying shop or dealer you prefer, go to their office, have them look at your gold to assess its value, and then get paid through cash, cheque, or bank transfer.

Demand for Gold According to the World Gold Council, despite the decline of purchases of gold from central banks was still able to experience a 2% gain in demand in 2016. From this data, we can see that much of what affected gold purchases were laws enacted in India (which is one of the biggest consumers of gold) and China. Additionally, the results of the US elections also influenced the performance of gold, however it did lose some of its gains in the 4th quarter of 2016. This is a concrete example of gold retaining its value regardless of what is happening socially and politically in the long term.

Moreover, it also shows us that major global events to avoid selling our gold unless you are a good market timer. For instance, because a change of leadership in other countries stagnates the growth of gold prices, you can choose to sell your gold before elections have started.

As for laws enacted in countries that are known to buy a lot of gold, you need to get regulatory and fiscal updates which could affect your buying or selling of gold bullion. All investments require a bit of elbow grease to earn profits, but gold can offer so much more as security rather than to actively trade. Consider these advantages and dabble into buying or selling gold whether it’s to preserve cash or to gain profits.


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