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Probably one of the most loved accessories which has now become an integral part of fashion, style and trend are shoes.  Everyone wears it, flaunts it, plays with the various options and tends to make an impactful style statement with them. We all wear shoes right from the very start, since we started walking on earth. Shoes have been on a journey of their own, which had many transformations, evolutions and renovations. The option of shoes that we now get to choose from are so drastic, seriously there is one shoe for everyone, every style, every occasion you can think of. From lace up sneakers for women to kitten heels, from stilettos to ankle boots, from wedges to slides, the myriad of options is just too overwhelming!

Shoes is just a generic term that we use, it includes all kinds of footwear that exists in the world. People often get confused between various types of shoes and what their correct purpose is.  For example people often confuse stilettos and high heels, but the fact is that every stiletto is a high heel but not every high heel is a stiletto. Same is the case with the much confused and intermixed terms sneakers and shoes. I would say the same for these two as well, every sneaker is a shoe but not every shoe is a sneaker, if you know what I mean. Women’s shoes have also evolved a lot with the changing times, sneakers are one type that has seen some serious growth and love from all genders and ages.

There are hundreds of types of shoes to choose from when you go to the market. You can find running shoes, tennis shoes, gym shoes, walking shoes, medicated shoes and athletic shoes.  People often confuse shoes with sneakers and that leads to disappointment and frustration. This article will clear that confusion forever and then you’ll be able to easily distinguish between shoes and sneakers.

The Different between Shoes and Sneakers

Before jumping the gun of the many differences between the two, I want you to know that there are in fact similarities between the two that creates the confusion.  Firstly, both the shoes are super comfortable, long-wearing and affordable. Secondly, yes sometimes the shoes and sneakers can be used interchangeably for the same pair of shoes as it has qualities of both, so don’t be too hard. Lastly the most obvious one, we wear both the shoes and sneakers on our feet but you probably knew that!

1. Material

There are all kinds of shoes, sandals, boots and footwear in the world but what is the common thing in all of them? Well, they all provide warmth, protection and style to your feet. The warmth and comfort of any shoes comes with its material. If good quality material is used then it will be comfortable, warm and relaxing for the feet.  If the material used is unbreathable, hard, stiff or very light weight, then it won’t be able to protect the feet nor would it be good enough to provide comfort or warmth.

The upper of the both shoes and sneakers is made up of nylon, mesh, polyurethane, leather or other synthetic fabric. These fabrics are very flexible, easy to clean and long wearing. The difference comes in the sole of the shoe and sneakers. The sole of the shoes are often made with the same material as the upper but sneakers are different. The word sneakers is derived from sneaking and that’s achieved by making the sole of the sneaker with rubber. The rubber soles make them super lightweight and sound less. Even if you buy any kind of sneakers be it lace up sneakers for women, they all share the same soundless rubber soles.

2. Comfort and Warmth

Comfort and warmth are two of the major differences between shoes and sneakers. When we talk about shoes, they are used for a wide range of footwear, a term that is all-inclusive but not specific.  The comfort and warmth is dependent on the type of shoe you have chosen for which activity.  Let’s say you have selected to wear platform heels or block heels for a shopping spree then it’s the wrong choice and you can’t expect comfort or warmth right? But if you choose platform heels or block heels for a formal dinner or date then they are perfect.  So the comfort and warmth of a shoe is dependent on various factors.

On the other hand, sneakers are basically designed for activities like running, walking, jogging, trailing, hiking, gym and even for playing games. They are bound to provide you comfort in all events as they don’t feel heavy on the fee and the rubber soles make them just perfect to wear all day long.

3. Names

Shoes are a universally acceptable word, no matter which country you go, which ethnicity you belong to or which language you speak. Everyone understands and responds to it. But it’s not the same in the case of sneakers. Sneakers is a word that is used in North America mostly, in other countries like Australia or the United Kingdom the word for sneakers is trainers, joggers or runners.

4. Versatility

When shoes and sneakers are compared in terms of their versatility then sneakers have an edge over them.  Since there are a plethora of shoes for each and every occasion possible sneakers are much more composed and contained. You can wear sneakers in a lot of places, dress them up or down according to your style, taste and quirkiness quotient. I have seen people wearing sneakers to dates, movies, weddings, meetings, concerts, jogging, and running and just for walking.

5. Brand Value

Sneakers is a word that is a brand in itself. Biggest starts, influencers and celebrities are collaborating with companies to bank on the popularity of sneakers. They are perfect women’s shoes and also fit perfectly for men, children and even older people. Kanye West’s brand Yeezys is the biggest proof of the brand value of sneakers whereas shoes have no such worth attached to them, they’re just shoes.

Last Words

As I told you before, sneakers are just a branch of shoes so don’t get confused. Just make sure that you choose the right pair of shoes for the right job and you’ll be happy.

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