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The Vehicle Identification Number or VIN is the unique number of every vehicle that helps you know details about the vehicle. Through the VIN you will be able to find different details about your car, which would be helpful to you in many ways. This is why you must know how to read your VIN after finding it.

It is very easy to read your VI once you have found it. You can get the history of your car and the manufacturer information. There are also other data that you will find via the VIN very easily. All of this information would be helpful when you are buying a new car. You will find out if there are any issues with the car or lack of authenticity. Mentioned below are how you can read your VIN.

Locate the VIN of Your Vehicle

The first thing that you would have to do is to find the 17 digits VIN. There are some common places where you can find the VIN on your car. It can present in the dashboard of the driver’s seat, which you might be able to view from the outside of your car. You can also find the VIN printed on a sticker on the driver’s side door.

There are also other areas on the car where you can locate the VIN. If you are unable to look into the car for the VIN, you can look into the papers for the same. You might find it in the insurance cards or other paperwork of the vehicle.

Use Online VIN Decoder

The next step to do is to look up the VIN on an official website. You can check the website of your manufacturer first to see if they offer provision to decode the VIN. Not all manufacturer websites have this option. If you do not find it in your manufacturer website, then you can look for other online deciders.

You will find many websites for BMW VIN decoder if you have a BMW model. These BMW VIN decoder websites should be authentic in every way. When you land upon an authentic website, then you can enter your 17 digit code to decode it and get the information that you want. There might be some websites which will give you sample information for free while some may provide more detailed information. Choose the website depending on your need.

Know the Meaning of the 17 Numbers

You would have to know the meaning of the VINSPY which constitutes your VIN. The first character that is present in your VIN states the geographical region where the car was manufactured. The second and the third character is that if the manufacturer and the next five characters are the brand, size, engine, and type of the car.

The ninth character is known as the check digit, which helps in determining if the VIN is a fake number or a real one. The tenth character is the year in which the car was manufactured. The eleventh character is used to determine the plant where the car was assembled. The rest of the numbers shows the serial number or the production number of the vehicle.

Put the VIN Online To Get Detailed Information

If you wish to get the complete history of your vehicle and know in more details, then it is always better to search the number online. Through the decider websites, you will get specific information that you are searching for. You will be able to know if the car is an old one or a new or of there is any claim history on the car.

Follow these steps to determine the information about your vehicle through the VIN. Know what you VIN by decoding its characters yourself.

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