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Eaton M-Max Series VFDs

When it comes to working in tight spots, the Eaton M-Max Micro variable frequency drive fits the bill. This compact VFD delivers a powerful, packed package of system control, which reliably performs under a broad range of conditions without hiccups or instability. With a modern mounting approach, easy-to-understand programming, a high temperature environmental conditions rating, and durable design, it’s ready for the big leagues. And, no surprise, the M-Max VFDs from Eaton have been seeing repeated and frequent application in pumping systems, HVAC, and material handling with great success.

Robust Benefits Delivery Consistent with Eaton’s Reputation

The M-Max VFD series brings to the table everything one would expect from Eaton, plus additional benefits. On the standard side, the M-Max VFDs have international compatibility, a full user-friendly startup wizard and pre-programmed configurations for quick application and minimal install downtime, internal temperature cooling, maximum efficiency in physical panel spacing, and a standard serial fieldbus connection grid.

New, Smaller Hardware Saves Physical Space Overall

Built with a heavy reliance on microprocessors and microprocessor-designed drives to cut down physical size of the unit, the M-Max choices realign how VFDs can be installed and under what conditions. With a compact unit literally taking up a third or half as small as conventional VFDs, if not smaller, the M-Max allows for more application in tighter configurations and less space assemblies, with allows its high-quality technology to become a game player in compact design systems.

Compatibility Expanded

The M-Max Series of VFDs are also designed to work with all Eaton products, and are fully capable of expansion and upgrading with other Eaton equipment. Many clients utilizing these VFDs also find easy and welcome compatibility with Eaton’s pushbuttons and signal tower inventory, with various contactors and starters, and Eaton circuit breakers as well. Because the M-Series is designed to be fully integrated with the rest of Eaton’s system control inventory, many customers find their choices broadened considerably once the M-Max VFDs are brought online with their systems.

Support from Eaton is Top Notch

User support and reference for the M-Max Series VFDs continues to be fully stocked and added to regularly, providing users and customers a robust library of material for VFD applications. That includes:

  • 3D Modeling
  • Application notes and product brochures
  • Drawings
  • Product-related white papers
  • Planning documents and specification criteria for application
  • Catalogs for Eaton products
  • Compatibility reference guides
  • Installation instructions specific to each Eaton VFD and related components
  • Software and firmware application guidance
  • Case studies and customer application success stories

In addition to the above, Seagate Controls, as a distributor and supplier of Eaton M-Max Series VFDs, provides critical specialist application support for customers to help with additional customization and installation of VFDs in specific systems. Because each customer’s grid, application, system and design are different, even the best guidance still needs some hands-on expertise help in tackling those occasional complexities unique to a given customer. We’re there for all our clients with regular attention to in-depth help, expertise, training and ongoing product support.

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