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Employment lawyers are the persons who have vast knowledge about employment laws included the hiring of resources, conduct, communication, promotion, workplace offenses to retirement, and practice according to it. They deal with the clients who required services such as- employees, employers. They also work for the government. Employment lawyer works for the area of law that decides the employee- employer’s relationship.


When an employment lawyer works for the employees, he is responsible for collecting information via several types of research, preparing incidental papers, facilitating with advice, and handling a controversial solution through mediation. Just like, they represent the employee in any work-related disputes. In some cases, employment lawyers need to negotiate with employers for solving dispute resolution and organize the agreement that stabilizes the judgment.

The employers also need the help of employment lawyers to draft and negotiate the employment contract. The employers are not always well educated about the laws as these changed over time. So, the employers depend on the lawyers for making HR policies, job descriptions, employment agreements, and carrying out negotiation with the employees and Trade Unions.

The employment lawyers also work for the government under a govt. agency that drafts the laws and recommends these employment laws to the responsible authorities. The drafting data is analyzed and enforced as employment laws.

The requirements to start the profession as employment Lawyer:

One has to follow the below routes for starting the profession-

  • One has to study a three-year durational Law (LLB) degree at University. For the others who are from different background, he has to finish a one-year durational full-time course or two-year durational part-time course; GDL, that is law conversion course.
  • For becoming a solicitor one has to complete a valid Practice Course.
  • For becoming a barrister, one has to complete a training course based on Bar Profession.
  • After completion of the study, the mandatory training season starts, one has to join a firm, which is specialized in employment law to gain practical knowledge.
  • During the training season under an incidental law firm, one gathers working experiences. The experiences help him to make a decision whether he will continue the profession or he will skip. After training, he will be capable as a lawyer.

The duties of the Employment Lawyers:

The employment lawyers provide several services; such as –

1) An employment lawyer explains the client’s rights. He provides information about existing laws that apply to the case and also discusses the available options included litigation, mediation, negotiation to the client.

2) The employment lawyers help employers remain compliant with various laws included federal and state anti-discrimination laws, drafting policies, etc. The lawyers also defend employers in case of governmental issues.

3) An employment lawyer files the complaint with the appropriate agency on behalf of the clients.

4) The employment lawyers also work on Wage and Hour Lawsuits, Employment Discrimination Lawsuits, Employment Class Actions, Worker’s Compensation Claims on behalf of the employees.

5) In case of a work-related injury, an employee may have a complaint against another party other than employers. The lawyers prepare a grievance, communicate with the respective opposition, and appear in court on behalf of the client.

6) The employment lawyers advise the employers to join a union that helps to protect their rights and remain in safety. The lowers also provide suggestions about their duties regarding union work.

Employment lawyers are a very important figure in the employment sector. They are working to protect the rights both of the employees and employers. They contribute to the drafting and enforcement of laws as a helping hand of the government. They play the rule as a linker between the employees and employers and help to maintain a peaceful environment. Their contribution to establishing judgment is undeniable.

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