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Apple introduces a product line named MacBook CPO. These are machines that were previously purchased but encountered manufacturer defects. Apple has reclaimed, repaired, and upgraded them, re-introducing them to the market. To understand these devices thoroughly and make an informed choice, join us in the following deep dive!

1. What does MacBook CPO mean?

The term “CPO” stands for “Certified-Pre-Owned”. These MacBooks were once sold but faced issues during their use. Apple has taken them back, refurbished, and re-released them to the market.

The price of the CPO MacBook will be cheaper than the regular MacBook. For instance, when you purchase MacBook Air M2 CPO, the price will be about $900 lower than that of a new machine, depending on the seller’s location

2. What does Apple do with MacBook CPOs?

Every MacBook that returns to Apple’s workshop for a second time undergoes stringent inspections to ensure flawless performance upon re-release. Some of these steps include:

  • Hardware quality checks such as casing, components, and more.
  • Identifying and rectifying detected faults during the inspection.
  • Thoroughly cleaning the machine.
  • Providing new packaging, user manuals, and accessories.
  • Updating Serial numbers and IMEI.
  • Resetting the original MacOS operating system.
  • Final checks before factory release.

Once refurbished, MacBook CPOs are released as new, unactivated units, complete with all accessories and covered under Apple’s warranty. 

3. Should one purchase a MacBook CPO?

Many are still comparing MacBook Like New and MacBook CPO. Each type has its pros and cons, depending on the buyer’s needs and budget. If you’re looking for cost optimization, MacBook CPO is a great choice!

4. Benefits of buying a MacBook CPO

Compared to a brand new MacBook, a CPO:

  • Costs less (by a margin of about 1 million to several million VND).
  • Doesn’t come in the original box, so there’s no ‘unboxing’ experience.
  • Has accessories identical to those with a new unit.
  • In comparison to a Like New used MacBook:
  • MacBook CPOs perform better.
  • They are priced higher (by about 1 million VND or so).
  • They come with warranties both from Apple and the retail store, whereas used MacBooks might only have a 6-month store warranty.
  • Used MacBooks usually don’t come with accessories and often have to be purchased separately at a high cost.

Considering these positives, to get a seamless experience at a reasonable price with comprehensive features, users should opt for MacBook CPO over spending a large sum on a new MacBook or a used one.

Downsides of buying a MacBook CPO

A downside to the MacBook CPO is its rarity, as the market is flooded with refurbished old machines falsely claiming to be CPO. Hence, always buy from Apple-authorized and reputable stores.

You should buy a CPO MacBook at the official store

What to look out for when purchasing a MacBook CPO

When you purchase the MacBook Pro M2 2022 or any CPO MacBook product, note the following to ensure you get a quality machine:

  • Make sure the box states “Certified Pre-Owned” without any other stickers.
  • Cross-reference the IMEI on the box with the device.
  • Buy only from reputable stores.
  • Given the meticulous checks, MacBook CPOs are reasonably priced and reliably built. They can be an excellent choice for those wanting a premium Apple experience without the hefty price tag. 

The best way to get the desired MacBook CPO is to purchase from a trusted source. Since they are checked twice, the likelihood of faults or errors with MacBook CPOs is minimal, coupled with an attractive price. MacBook CPOs are perfect for those wanting the unboxing experience at a more affordable price but still expect quality, with a 12-month warranty from Apple.

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