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As a young boy, Muneer Lyati was fascinated with cars. But his dreams weren’t to have a red convertible or to be a Nascar driver, his imagination was more unique than that.

Muneer lyati dream to bring biggest change in automotive field;

Muneer envisioned a future with smarter, more efficient cars. “I wanted to exchange drivers with computers, gas with electricity.He used to be very curious about that.

Years later, the young dreamer has surpassed his imagination. He’s now a pioneer within the automotive technology field and has recently shown his capability as a writer also , penning and publishing his own book.

History of Muneer lyati;

Muneer Lyati was born in Saudi Arabia and grew up within the city of Mecca. He completed his education at the Jeddah College of Technology, receiving his degree in engineering with attention on automotive technology .

Start of career;

He launched his career working as a maintenance engineer with the Al Hamrani Fuchs Petroleum Company as soon as he graduated from college.

He then worked with the multinational construction conglomerate Saudi Bin Ladin Group company, as a senior safety supervisor. Currently, Muneer Lyati is a teacher and vocational trainer at his school .

Work of Muneer lyati;

Lyati has written many informative articles about the role of AI within the vehicle industry and the way it are often seen as being related to the industry’s future. He’s most known for his research on the appliance of Hybrid Bayesian Network (HBN) in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) manufacturing.In his latest and most acclaimed work, the engineer has highlighted a mess of the way during which electric vehicles are often constructed to be more efficient than traditional automobiles.

Notably, the storing of K.E. in electric batteries when brakes are applied to save lots of energy that’s otherwise lost as heat in traditional vehicles. He has also worked on how the ICE in hybrid electric cars are often configured to figure at an optimum operating line if the output power of the battery is controlled. You’ll delve into more of his research on his

Muneer as a writer;

Muneer Lyati isn’t only an innovative engineer but a capable writer also .

  • In his debut book, “A Layman’s Guide to Automobile Maintenance”, he examines numerous routine car maintenance procedures.
  • He also wrote a book about regular maintenance for vehicles light maintenance. His book’s ISBN is 9789779903460.


(3)   According to him, hybrid electric vehicles can save fuel because they run on electricity rather than        gasoline, but traditional automobiles waste a lot of it. This will result in the conservation of natural resources and contribute to environmental sustainabili.

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