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Antique jewellery

There are several very basic questions that need to be answered when someone asks “Why do people like antique jewellery?” The most common answer is that this is a piece of the past that has been passed down from one generation to the next. For some it is the look and feel of something that they can use every day; for others, it is the story behind the item and all the emotions that came with it. However, the reasons that people love antique jewellery could be more complex than what meets the eye.

Why do people like antique jewellery?

For some, it is the feeling that they can breathe again in the presence of these pieces. They want to feel like they are in the time and place that these items were actually in; it is almost as if the memory of that time in which these items were created is imprinted on their minds. For others, it is the idea that by owning them they can be part of an ongoing historical story. Having possession of these objects helps them feel that they have some control over who we are, where we came from and how we got to where we are today.

Perhaps it is because they like the way that the piece feels when they hold it in their hand. It is possible to buy quality jewellery that is beautiful and feels great to the touch, but if the stones are shiny and the setting is cheap you have missed the point. Many people are drawn to the classic element of a piece such as silver or gold ornamentation with a little antique jewellery gift thrown in for good measure. By choosing a more tasteful setting and giving the jewellery a softer sheen you can forget that you are actually wearing a piece of history.

Antique jewellery represents history and culture

Another reason that people like antique jewellery is because it represents history and culture. Some people love the idea of having their entire lives contained within a book of jewellery. These pieces can be very symbolic and can remind us of a past generation or the stories behind the people whose jewellery was gathered and stored. Maybe it is because of the stories behind the items, the time period and the importance of this time in human history.

Jewellery that is classed as an antique will not always be passed down through family lines. Instead, it may have been passed down through generations of one family using it as a way of marking their position in the family, perhaps as an heirloom or a way to distinguish themselves from the others who did not keep jewellery from their forefathers. Antique jewellery is particularly popular amongst certain groups of people who, for whatever reason, love the look of silver or gold paired with wooden or pewter items.

Why do people collect antique jewellery?

Many people purchase these pieces as a form of investment because they want to ensure the jewellery will increase in value. They may also be interested in jewellery that have a certain amount of rarity, as well as jewellery which they are aware will not be produced anymore due to a variety of reasons. It is worth collecting antique jewellery if you are prepared to take care of it properly. Make sure you clean the pieces regularly and check to ensure they do not have any loose settings that could potentially break them. Also, make sure that you only buy genuine pieces rather than reproductions.


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