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How long has it been since you’ve enjoyed the pleasure of sex?

Every day facing work, family and other chores has been very annoying and difficult, sex is like a routine, my husband released, I do not want to continue, and slowly get used to it.

Foreplay? Not at all, he let alone flirt with me, would not even ask me how I feel, the whole process I have been very tight, not at all enjoyable, let alone what orgasm.”

Honestly, many women have been sexually repressed for too long. Many have turned their sex life after marriage from the novelty of their relationship to routine or even boredom, but do not have an outlet to vent and express their feelings.

Because it has always been possible for men to make erotic jokes and still be considered charming as they go along. If it happens to a woman it will become difficult to talk about. But sex, originally should be a process that both men and women enjoy together ah…

A good sex life is not simply “pistoning”, but emotional empathy and commitment, but also a catalyst to make the relationship between the couple more solid.

The real orgasm, too, is not a brief vent, but the collision of flesh and flesh, the mingling of passion and passion, from shallow to deep, from the inside out, a wave of soul trembling.

To achieve this most extreme, pleasurable experience, not only need flexible skills, good flirting gadgets are also essential. Just like this recommended today – ootyemo rose toy.


It has the magic of instant orgasm and is not only a gadget for couples to achieve the “perfect experience”, but also a good partner for single women to relieve their emotions.

The beautiful design is tailored for women.

What’s more interesting is that it is also a beautiful red rose.

It comes with an air of desire and is so powerful that many women probably haven’t experienced it! I’ve organized my thoughts and can’t wait to tell you the details one by one and open the door to a new world with me!

When the Rose Toy was first introduced, it went viral in TikTok through a video with its unique design and powerful features. Therefore it is also known as TikTok Rose Toy.

It looks like a beautiful red rose. This design also has a major advantage: it can also be placed on the table as a small ornament, others can not see that this is an erotic toy, never embarrassing.

But when it starts, it will instantly transform into a key full of magic, to open the desire hidden in the heart a little.

But now there are many types of rose toys, many novice users will not use, then think that the rose toys do not work is a broken inferior product. How to troubleshoot the rose toy not working? The best way is to carefully read the instructions for use.

In addition to the visual enjoyment, ootyemo rose toys are also very affectionate to the touch.

It is made of double-layer liquid silicone, a squeeze on the hand can feel its softness, this softness is not only very friendly and friendly to the body, for many newcomers to the toy, there will be no psychological rejection, perfect for newcomers as an introductory toy.

Tender, more understanding than men

In order to accommodate both novice and experienced players, ootyemo rose toy contains 2 functions and 7 modes from gentle to wild. Beginners can play from gentle, slowly start; senior players can easily navigate the wild mode, a go.

Let’s start with the gentle one: vibration.

Its design is very clever: when you turn on the switch, the vibration will focus on the flower holder and the edge of the petals to transmit.

The disk of the rose toy, a large area to stimulate the sensitive zone, those lines protruding from the edge of the petals, can better transmit the vibrations away, stirring with your skin and blending in your breath.

You will slowly feel the muscles all over your body gradually relax, stretching and blushing.

The central part of the rose is very full, and the vibrations come from this full flower body for a more concentrated sense of stimulation. Hold it tightly and press it against your intimate area, your attention will be captured by it all, feel the stimulating sensation like an electric current, experience shortness of breath, tense your toes and go straight to orgasm.

It’s even more fun if it’s two people playing. You can have him cover your eyes with a ribbon and give him control of the rose. Being temporarily deprived of your sight, the rest of your body will become doubly sensitive. The tension and anticipation that comes with covering your eyes will bring you more intense mental stimulation.

After the gentle ones, it’s time to talk about the wild ones: the sucking pulse.

People who have used ootyemo rose toys, is described as follows:

The vibration feels like a ripple on the surface of the water, the pleasure is spread out on the surface of the skin, gentle and firm.

Sucking, on the other hand, is like a depth charge that hits you right in the soul.

It is wild like a hungry little wildcat for many days, stick to the clitoris and start sucking like crazy, a sucking and a spitting, as if to draw your soul away together. Your whole body’s power will be accumulated and compressed in a minute, and finally spurts out from between your legs, then time stands still and your brain is blank ……

The only advice someone who has used it can give you is: pad it with a towel.


Thoughtful details to be your pillow lover

The switch is very simple, only 1 button, you just need to remember “long press to turn on the power, short press to switch mode”.

The charging method is a convenient magnetic charging: gently place the rose on the charging base and it starts charging automatically.

The indicator light will be flashing when charging, and always on when fully charged.

At least enough to play for an hour on a full charge, and trust me, you don’t need an hour.

In terms of sound, ootyemo’s rose also does the limit of the current range of technology: the maximum decibel count are less than 50, but also than the sound of your rapid breathing.

Waterproof level to IPX6 level, you can play in the shower, but also can be placed directly under the faucet to clean.

The surface material of the toy is medical grade silicone, which is the same as baby pacifiers and has natural antibacterial properties, making it safe and hygienic as well as easy to clean.

And don’t worry about privacy on the courier, the single number will not write anything other than the color of your purchase!

In general, you can think of and can not think of the details, Rose Toys in the design have been thoughtful for you.

Such a from the design to function, from the details to the experience, are well thought out meticulous erotic toys, in the frame is only half of the same level of products. If you are excited, you can buy it through the link to ootyemo.

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