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Jaden Easton has been an entrepreneur for most of his life. At the young age of 12, he taught himself how to code and started a website design company. In high school, he started a technology blog that generated over half a million dollars before he even graduated.

Since then, Easton has built a successful career consulting other 7 and 8-figure online companies and has been a speaker at various events across North America. He has also co-founded the company Clients & Community alongside his friends Landon Stewart and Chris Stapleton.

But his success didn’t happen overnight.

Jaden Easton developed a passion for the internet at a young age. After learning to build basic websites in school, he started creating websites for his parents’ friends and eventually started a blog about jailbreaking iPhones that generated over $500,000 in advertising revenue. After the popularity of jailbreaking declined, Jaden pivoted to affiliate marketing and quickly became a top affiliate, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The owner of that company, Mark Hoverson, recognized Jaden’s potential and offered him a chance to join his team. He saw Jaden as a talented young marketer and envisioned grooming him to become the CEO of his company. Markmentored Jaden and two other budding entrepreneurs (Chris J. Stapleton and Landon Stewart) in both life and business. Jaden eagerly accepted the opportunity to work with such a successful and experienced mentor.

When Mark tragically succumbed to pancreatic cancer, Jaden, Chris, and Landon honored his memory by creating their successful business, Clients & Community, a company that works with client-based business owners such as coaches, consultants, and agency owners, and helps them harness the power of community to acquire and retain clients, specifically by using Facebook™ groups. The company’s goal is to help these businesses grow and succeed by utilizing the power of community.

“Throughout my career, I have struggled with the common entrepreneurial ailment of ‘figure-it-out-yourself-itis’,” Jaden says. “As entrepreneurs, we often pride ourselves on our creativity, problem-solving skills, and big thinking, but this can sometimes hold us back from reaching our full potential.” Jaden found himself grinding his fingers to the bone, making mistakes, and spending too much time on problems that could have been solved quickly. This cost him valuable time and energy and almost caused him to crash and burn in his entrepreneurial career.

However, Jaden eventually discovered the ultimate cheat code: mentorship. Having learned so much from Mark Hoverson, Jaden realized that business is a community effort. “If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes a village to start and grow a business,” he says.

He began hiring others to help solve his problems and hired professionals who allowed him to hack 5-10 years of experience overnight. Instead of trying to figure everything out on his own, Jaden started asking himself, “Who can I hire to solve this problem?” This decision transformed his annual revenue into his monthly revenue faster than he could have ever imagined.

Now Clients & Community has been successful in helping many of its clients achieve financial success, with 17 clients making over one million dollars to date and more added each month. C&C works with client-based business owners, including coaches, consultants, and agency owners, and helps them leverage the power of community to acquire and retain clients. Their primary tool is Facebook™ groups, and co-founders Jaden, Chris, and Landon, are passionate about seeing their clients achieve financial prosperity and find fulfillment in their success.

Aside from his business ventures, Jaden Easton has a passion for bodybuilding and has competed at a national level. He also enjoys reading philosophy and spending time with good company over a delicious meal.


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