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Being one of the many design research companies in India, to stay ahead of your competitors, innovating constantly and rapidly is a must. The basis of design research lies in creating useful, and time-efficient products and services that go in sync with the user’s needs and expectations. 

Design research as a process is used by designers to put their theoretical knowledge into practicality and to also understand the underlying factors that influence the user’s decision-making capacity. 

Need for the design research process

In simple terms, the design research process is a systematic plan designed to thoroughly study a significant problem. With the help of the design research methodologies, various operational procedures tread through smoothly and help in optimizing the results with minimum expenditure of effort, time, and money.

Design research companies in India are required now more than ever before. Here are some of the reasons why – 

  1. Reduces inaccuracy and minimizes wastage of time 
  2. Helps create useful research materials and testing of hypothesis
  3. Guides the research in the right direction, in alignment with the firm’s foundation and strategic growth goals
  4. Set boundaries for the designers and other departments to prevent blind search

Advantages of the design research process

The design research process does require conscious efforts and employment of the best resources at hand, but it’s only for the greater growth and success of the company on the whole. While the design research process does contribute significantly, here are some key advantages of allocating resources for design research – 

  1. Allows better documentation of various activities undertaken during the product design 
  2.  Helps in proper planning and procurement of the resources required
  3. Ensures that the product designing project is running on a proper schedule
  4. Helps researchers carry out their research in a systematic manner

Future of design research companies 

It’s true – the design research companies in India have a rosy future ahead. These companies not only transform the way we look at the products and services around us, but also help in reaping economic benefits and enhancing the quality of life. 

The design research companies, like the Future Factory, are increasing continuously while also demonstrating growth in the existing companies. With sky-rocket technological advancements happening every other day in the design space, for any design research company to stay at the top, aligning the products and services with the latest updates and AI is crucial. 

Nowadays, designers are not creators, they’ve become ‘curators’. With more than a thousand designs going viral every day, what designers can do is either rack their brains to come up with an extraordinary design idea or keep re-mixing the existing designs till they find the perfect match. This is what we feel is a potential strength which will stand apart from other mediocre designers and design research companies. 


The ultimate goal of any design research company in India is to create an optimal user experience that transforms complex human behavior into actionable insights. Despite ‘design research’ being an extremely crucial facet, many design research companies in India overlook its principles and dig a well for themselves! 

Check out how Future Factory, a leading industrial design company, involves design research in its top-class products and services.

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