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A separation contract is a legally binding document that states that the two spouses have planned to live separately and not to have any relationship, even though they are still married. This is a type of separation document, which states that you can stay married and still live apart from one another for many reasons such as the welfare of the child/ children.

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Alternatives for legal separation 

Some of the alternatives for the divorce laws can help the couples that do not wish to stay together and yet cater to similar needs, including child welfare. They are,

  • Separation agreement
  • A Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR)
  • Temporary order
  • Protective order

While planning for a legal separation, the parents look for the child/ children’s best interests and come up with the idea of staying in the marriage and yet living separately from one another. Hence, the attorneys in Galveston will make sure to help such couples to come to a common ground and find the best solution for their requirement.

Informal separation 

Texas is a place that does not support the idea of the legal separation of married couples. However, this doesn’t mean that the family laws here allow the uninterested couples to live separately from one another without going through the legal procedures that are involved in a divorce case.

Both the spouses, who plan to live apart and yet stay married, should understand that they can reconcile after a certain time duration. However, both the spouses should understand that the debts and assets would be equally split between them when they plan to divorce.

Protective and temporary orders 

The temporary and protective order is the order that the Texas judge will issue for the couples that are planning to work on the separation contract. This will include awarding one of the spouses with the house to use exclusively and some other factors such as,

  • Who pays what bills?
  • Who caters to the needs of the child?
  • Who provides for the child support until the child is of major age?

The separation contract and the protective order are like a boon to the spouses, who are suffering from domestic abuse, violence, and other such negative factors in their married life.

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