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If you are int the consumption of kratom the you already know that there are a lot of dynamics involved in the kratom industry, especially when it comes to the sale and usage of the product. It comes in a variety of species. In this article, we will explore the green vein kratom and highlight some of its crucial properties.

What is green kratom?

Green kratom or green vein kratom is just as the name suggests. The majority of the kratom varieties are named according to the color of their veins. For the green kratom, the name comes from the fact that this species has green veins. It is the veins that vary in color. The leaves of kratom are uniformly green across all species.

Several hypotheses have been brought forward to explain how the difference in vein colors occur. There is overwhelming evidence that the difference in vein color is due the ration of mitragynine and 7 hydroxymitragynine – the compounds in kratom. This ration keeps changing as the plant grows.

Therefore, when the plant is still at the youngest stages of development, the veins are white in color. When the plant is harvested at this time, the effects of the white kratom are mild because the plant is still not mature enough. The alkaloids in white kratom less potent.

When the plant is fully grown and mature, the veins turn red. The product is then referred to as the red kratom. When harvesting is done at this time, the plant products are more potent and more energizing because the alakloids have been allowed enough time to mature.

But before reaching maturity, there is this intermediary period when the plant is neither young nor mature. During this period, the veins are green, hence the name – green vein kratom.

The significance of green vein kratom

The green vein kratom products such as the green Sumatra kratom powder wholesale provide the perfect balance between the less potent action of the white kratom and the more potent actions of the red kratom. Therefore, the green vein kratom is well tolerable by many people, especially the new users who are still getting started with kratom.


Buy green Sumatra kratom powder for its rejuvenating and energizing effects that are not too potent like red kratom and not less effective like white kratom. The balance is sufficient to give you the kick you need to stay active throughout the day.

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