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House Fire ChecklistHouse Fire Checklist

A house fire is a terrifying experience. Not only do you have to worry about the flames, but also the smoke and the heat. To ensure that you are safe and that your property is protected, it is essential to follow a checklist of things to do immediately after a house fire. Keep reading for our tips on what to do!


Call for help: It doesn’t matter if it’s smoke coming out from one of your rooms or an entire room bursting up in flames; the moment you spot a house fire, you call for help. Shout to your neighbors, contact the fire department, and inform the police. This is not the time to be shy or try and take care of it yourself. You need professional help, and they need to know about the fire as soon as possible.


Keep an escape route in mind: To prepare for a house fire, it is essential to plan an escape route ahead of time. That way, you won’t waste time figuring out what to do when things are already chaotic. Make sure all members of your household know where the exit is, and practice escaping from the home so that everyone knows what to do.


Keep a fire extinguisher on hand: A house fire can grow out of control in minutes, so you must have a way to put it out while the firefighters are making their way over. Keep an extinguisher in your kitchen and make sure all members of your household know how to use one.


Exit your home: This one might seem like a no-brainer, but it can be easy to forget what you are supposed to do in the heat of the moment. Exit your home as quickly as possible and make sure that everyone in your household does so too. Do not stop to get any belongings – you can always come back for them once you are safe outside.


Avoid smoke inhalation: Smoke inhalation is one of the leading causes of death in house fires. To avoid it, cover your nose and mouth with a wet cloth if possible, and stay low to the ground. If you can’t get out of the house, try and find a room without smoke and remain there until help arrives.


Stay together: This is especially important if you have children with you. Make sure that everyone stays together and follows the instructions of the adults in your group. Trying to split up will only lead to confusion and could put your life in danger.


Call your insurance agent: Once you are sure that everyone is safe and the fire has been put out, it’s time to call your insurance agent. They will want to know what happened and how much damage was done. Having this information ready will help them process your claim faster.


Find a safe place to stay: If your home is uninhabitable, or if you don’t feel safe there anymore, find a safe place to stay. This could be with family or friends, a hotel, or even a shelter. Make sure to keep all of your belongings with you so that you have everything you need.


Think of your pets: If you have pets, make sure that you have a plan for them as well. You may need to take them to a pet-friendly hotel or find someone who can care for them until you can return home.


Think about securing your property to limit the damage: After a fire, you will likely have water damage as well. Make sure to board up any broken windows or doors to get rid of the immediate danger and protect your belongings from further destruction.


Call a restoration company: A restoration company can help you clean up the mess after a fire and minimize the damage. They will take care of everything from water removal to air quality control.


Understand the extent of the damage: It is essential to understand the extent of the damage before you can begin rebuilding. Have a professional inspect your home and make sure that it is safe for you to go back inside.


Keep track of the damages on a notebook: While the insurance company is processing your claim, it is a good idea to keep track of all the damages on a notebook. This will help you remember everything that happened and what needs to be repaired or replaced.


You are not alone: If you are going through all of this, know that you are not alone. There are organizations out there that can help you get back on your feet after a house fire.


Some final things to keep in mind:

-Ensure that you have updated photos of your home and belongings somewhere safe, just in case they are needed for the insurance claim.

– Keep all receipts related to the damages so that you can submit them when filing your claim.

– Take care of yourself and don’t try to do everything on your own.


Accepting help from others will make the process easier for you.

These are just some things that you will need to do after a house fire. For more information on fire damage restoration, contact a professional today.





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