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The human papillomavirus (HPV) causes abnormal cervix cell growth in women in their 20s and 30s. Unfortunately, you may not notice the changes during this precancerous stage as you will not have any symptoms. An Atlanta abnormal pap smears and HPV diagnosis will inform a doctor and the patient about the cervix health. Therefore, you will not need to wait until the abnormal cells grow into invasive cervical cancer before seeking treatment. These are reasons you may need pap smear tests to detect and treat cervix cancer.

The Pap Smear Gives You Peace of Mind

Without proper diagnosis, you may not know about your cervix’s abnormal cervical cell growth. The normal results will give you peace of mind as it indicates you are least likely to develop cervix cancer in the long run. However, if you get a positive result for the HPV virus, you will take the right step to deal with the infection

It Leads To Early Detection

A pap smear indicates cancer cells in the cervix, making it easy to deal with the cancerous growths. Before seeking the right treatment, you should not wait until you develop cervix cancer symptoms. Early detection and treatment for cervix cancer lead to successful management of HPV and cancer growths.

Cancer Prevention

The pap smear may indicate the presence of precancerous cells on the cervix, making it easy to prevent cervical cancer. The precancerous cervical cells may change and become cancerous in the long run. Fortunately, treating the precancerous cervix cells will prevent them from becoming cancerous. Thus, the Pap smear provides an opportunity for less treatment in the early stages. The treatment in the early stages will be cheap compared to treating cervical cancer; therefore, you will eliminate the chance of the cervix cancer spreading in your reproductive system. The cervix cancer early detection will increase the likelihood of recovery from HPV and cancer.

Symptoms of Cervix Cancer

You will develop cervix cancer if you fail to get the Pap smear and appropriate treatment for HPV. You should understand the normal reproduction symptoms and report cervical cancer symptoms such as abnormal vaginal bleeding, vaginal discharge, pain during sex, chronic lower back pain, and trouble urinating.

Can You Prevent Cervical Cancer

It is possible to treat cervical cancer as doctors know what causes cancer. HPV causes cervical cancer, and women can opt for the HPV vaccine to prevent cervical cancer. The HPV vaccine targets the HPV virus strains responsible for cervical cancer. Thus, it lowers the possibility of developing cancer. Additionally, the occasional HPV screenings will make it possible for patients to receive timely treatments, preventing further complications arising from cervical cancer.

Cervix cancer is life-threatening and results from HPV infections. Women may not notice the abnormal cervix cell growths in the early 20s and 30s as the abnormal growth is asymptomatic. However, a pea smear will show changes in the cervix cell growth, making it possible to deal with cervix cancer in the early stages. You may opt for the HPV vaccine to avoid the risk of developing cervix cancer and treat cancer in the early stages. Your doctor will develop the right treatment for cervix cancer based on the extent of the health condition.

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