Tue. May 28th, 2024

With the rise of technology, online threats are also at a run. The advancement of technology becomes boon for the human but at the same time, it can costs you a lot. So what should you do? The best way of getting unharmed is by using technology with some safety measures. The invention of the internet is known as one of the inventions of the century. Without any doubt, it is! But is your internet safe?

For today’s generation, working without internet is impossible. Some people use the internet for business while some use it for net surfing, SNS, or other personal interests. Now, what to do? The answer is very simple and straight; use your device and internet safely.

Whenever we talk about device and network safety, antivirus is the first thing which clicks in everyone’s mind. You can install a good antivirus in your device and provide safety to a great extent. You have many choices for antivirus; you should always choose the security software program according to the need and device compatibility.

Nowadays antivirus programs are offering a large number of features and services. But, are you sure that you need all the features? Norton antivirus is offering various plans where you can choose your favorite plan depending upon the requirements. Whenever you install Norton in your device; you will get Norton Product Key with it. This key will provide you the legitimacy of your product.

Check all the features of antivirus and then choose the one which fulfills your requirement and also come in your budget.

Here are some must-have features of good antivirus programs:

Should have good malware and detection rate

Malware is the most common threat to your device. Malware such as viruses, Trojans, adware, bots, etc can infect your data and make it corrupt. Spyware can steal your data. Make sure your antivirus has a good malware detection score which can protect your device and data from all malware infection.


If you are netizen then a  hardware firewall for home is a vital requirement of your network. Firewall actively monitors all the traffic i.e. your incoming and outgoing data. Whenever the firewall gets any suspicious activity in the network; it quickly blocks the network and protects your device from any kind of incoming threat.

 Good browser safety

Browsers get most affected by viruses and adware. Safe browsing helps you in keeping your browsers safe from all malicious URLs. Whenever you try to access any website or webpage; antivirus checks the URL and then load the page. If the page is malicious; antivirus will disallow you to access that page hence keeps your browser secure.

Email protection

Today, email is one of the most common hacking and phishing schemes. Hackers and cybercriminal send an email with dangerous attachments. The email address looks totally legal so most of the people usually open the attachment and due to this their device get hacked. Email protection feature of antivirus checks your every mail and if finds something malicious; it directly removes or sends you an alert message.

Antivirus gives you numerous features such as password manager, parental control, data backup, VPN, cleanup, social media protection, identity protection, etc for providing you a better platform to work.

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