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The entrepreneurial world has a lot to learn from Joshua Haley, the brain behind Moving Astute, a renowned online publication that has revolutionized the process of relocation in the United States. The journey wasn’t a cakewalk, but his relentless determination, coupled with extensive industry knowledge, is a testimony of his success.

The Genesis of Moving Astute

Joshua Haley launched Moving Astute in 2019, with an aim to make relocations stress-free. Inspired by his personal experiences, Joshua embarked on this journey. As someone who has moved multiple times across different states, Joshua perceived the stress associated with relocation. Drawing on his seven years of industry experience, he channelized his knowledge into a platform that offered comprehensive tips, reviews, and guides on everything related to moving. Joshua’s prior work as a freelance writer on moving, home décor, city guides, and real estate played a crucial role in shaping Moving Astute’s foundation.

Mission to Revolutionize the Moving Industry

What sets Moving Astute apart is its commitment to publish unbiased reviews written by industry experts. In an era dominated by paid reviews and promotional content, Moving Astute’s unique approach is helping to bring transparency to the moving sector.

Joshua’s focus on ensuring genuine information to users is also demonstrated through his belief in prioritizing customer satisfaction above all. Joshua’s endeavor is to make Moving Astute the go-to source for anyone seeking relocation information.

The Cornerstones of Joshua’s Success

When asked about the guiding principles of his journey, Joshua highlighted the following:

Early Start and Meticulous Planning: Joshua advises that starting early is the key to a successful move. He emphasizes creating a prioritized task list and allowing ample time for packing and labelling belongings.

Budgeting: One common pitfall Joshua urges to avoid is under-budgeting. He highlights the importance of considering all relocation-associated costs, from packing materials to labor costs.

Stay Informed: Staying on top of the industry trends is essential for staying relevant, according to Joshua. He insists on understanding every aspect of the industry before venturing into it.

Customer Satisfaction: The foundation of Joshua’s success lies in prioritizing customer satisfaction. He believes a business thrives only when it exceeds customer expectations.

Moving Forward: The Future of Moving Astute

Joshua aims to expand Moving Astute’s content library to cover all stages of the relocation journey, from planning to finding a home. The future roadmap also includes launching a new section for customer reviews and ratings, thereby enabling users to make informed decisions.


Joshua Haley’s story is one of sheer determination and resilience. His journey from humble beginnings to founding Moving Astute, now valued at over a million dollars, is an inspiration for budding entrepreneurs. Through Moving Astute, Joshua continues to redefine the moving industry, making relocation a breeze for thousands of users across the United States. His mission to bring honesty and transparency to the industry is a guiding light for many.

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