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Food TrendsThe Latest Food Trends In A Post-Covid Era

2021 was a difficult year and Covid-19 changed things up like a mojito with muddled limes. Sourcing, service, personnel, and customer engagement were all revamped, and technology was the key to success.

“Paddock-to-plate” took on a brand new meaning as supply restrictions shrunk our worlds and diversified local connections in our communities.  There was a widespread takeout and delivery trend that offered us the luxury of convenience and time.

The rollercoaster ride that was 2021 fueled the rise of #COVIDbaking, as we craved comfort food like never before. In 2021, sourdough was the second most searched Google recipe. Other top Google recipes included beef stroganoff, spaghetti bolognese, and doughnuts. It’s no surprise that last year had a significant impact on what we ate, which is currently impacting culinary trends all over the world.

Here are some cuisine trends you’ll love:

1. Sourcing ingredients from your local community

The pandemic altered our perceptions of food and shifted our focus to the source of our nourishment. We’ve spilt the beans on local vegetables and discovered a whole new world of exciting and healthier opportunities.

The #buylocal and #shoplocal campaigns are gaining a lot of traction as foodies and restaurants come up with new trends 먹튀검증. Local communities can be culinary heaven. Gourmet cheeses, handmade bread, farm gate fruit, and ethically produced local meats are increasingly appearing in restaurants around the country. 

2. Almost everything is handmade

Using premade pizza dough allows you to save money. These factors will be reduced or eliminated from your overhead cost:

  • purchase and maintenance costs for commercial grade equipment
  • bulk ingredient inventory management 
  • specialised storage space square footage 
  • possibility of lower liability insurance premiums (because personnel are less likely to sustain equipment-related accidents or heavy-lifting disasters.)

 Cafe distributors of commercial frozen pizza dough stake their reputations on quality. Frozen dough are actually created with premium ingredients, satisfy clean label criteria, and are frozen instantly to keep them fresh for up to 180 days. Operators can invest in frozen pizza dough knowing that consistency and quality meet.

3. Homegrown food 

Homegrown food can be a successful restaurant’s secret ingredient. It tastes better, decreases food miles, and may be less expensive. Many restaurants and cafes are growing at least some of the food they cook and serve, and this trend is expected to continue in 2022. 

Grow herbs and vegetables on a sunny windowsill, in containers, or in a raised garden bed to take paddock-to-plate to the next level. Your customers will love you even more! 

4. Ordering online, delivery, and takeaway 

What began as a trend in 2020 has now become a requirement for the majority of restaurants and cafes in 2022 given the demand of the times. People expect to be able to order and pay for delivery and takeaway online. Many popular restaurants and cafes also provide online ordering and payment for in-person dining.

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