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Dayton, Tenn.- As the day turned into night, and Tom Brady’s fifth Super Bowl ring was coming out. The New England Patriots were under 25 points and time was not on their side. In the midst of this turmoil, Tom Brady proved his mettle, leading his team to victory. The game lasted more than four hours, but for Tom Brady, it will last a lifetime.

Success In the beginning

Oscillation, a term that fully describes Tom Brady’s athletic career and how he overcame adversity over the years. Brady excelled in both baseball and football in high school. After his senior year in high school (1995), Montreal Expos recruited Tom Brady to play Major League baseball. Instead of pursuing this once in a lifetime, Brady decided to pursue education and play football at the University of Michigan. It was there that he faced the first of many obstacles to athleticism.

Life at the University of Michigan

In 1996, the University of Michigan became known as one of the nation’s most prominent clubs, and it did not need Brady’s talent as a young man. Because of this, he had to learn patience and humility as he watched his team play off the bench for two years.

In his junior year, Brady managed to win first place in the Michigan quarterback. After securing his place, Brady showcased his talent and led his team to two bowl games. All went well for Brady, until graduation day.

2000 NFL Framework

Tom Brady’s draft stock, which was in question in 2000, began a steady decline in production. Many franchises did not want to waste their time and money on such a small quarterback. One of the teams he thought could improve the subpar quarterback was the New England Patriots. The Patriots have opted to exercise their pick in the sixth round against Tom Brady which saw him make it to the final quarter.

New England Patriots

After a day of preparation, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was asked to pick Tom Brady. According to Brady, “he had a profound effect on the [Patriots] movement.” After arriving in New England, Brady studied in the first quarterback that led the Patriots to the playoffs. After waiting for his turn, he regained his composure and did his best with it. Since earning first place in September 2001, Brady has not looked back.He is the only quarterback to win five Super Bowls.. When asked about his performance, Brady says “When I come out on the football field, I have a lot of confidence in what I’m doing.”

Tom Brady is now considered one of the biggest quarterbacks. He has faced many obstacles and continues to endure. The quarterback’s veteran term expires and it will be years before he is forced to retire. A few quarterbacks in the future will match the level of talent Tom Brady has been able to show. Read more…

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