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Addiction varies from one person to another, and this is where the problem of defining exactly what alcoholism is sets in. Causes of the same are also diverse and varied from individual to individual and from community to another. However, it has been noted that genetics can be a causative factor. Males are more prone to inherit the condition than females.

Alcoholism is growing at an alarming rate everywhere around the world. Every single day, more and more people are turning to alcohol to help them deal with life’s issues. Even teenagers are now drinking more than ever before. Alcoholism is caused by many factors and gradually happens when a person continues to drink, not bothering about the consequences. It is known that alcohol changes the chemical levels in the brain. It makes the person feel good, temporarily. Alcoholics like this feeling and continue to drink more and more, and soon they become slaves of alcohol and are unable to control their urges to consume. These are just some of the causes of alcoholism.


Stress is probably the biggest contributor to alcoholism in people’s lives. These days, people have so much stress in their lives that they have to cope with, and they don’t know how to handle it. Initially, it will start with the occasional drink to help them relax and feel at ease. Then eventually, it turns into drinking every day as part of the normal functioning of the brain and body. Stress can come from work, family, and also school life (in the case of teens and college students) in general. People who drink because of stress need to learn other ways of handling their problems. There is indeed help for alcoholics, don’t lose hope.


Genetics can play a part in causing a person to get into alcoholism. There are certain genes that can make a person more susceptible to becoming an alcoholic. If a close family member of yours has problems with alcohol, it is best for you to avoid it and get him or her to seek professional help. Alcoholism is known to repeat itself in many generations to follow. A father and son may both have problems with alcohol, and this is not a rare case.


Just as stress, depression can cause alcoholism too. A depressed person looks for ways to make them feel better and carefree. Alcohol helps them feel this way but is not the best solution. They may start with a drink or two now and then, and then they start drinking on a daily basis and become alcoholics. All of their problems disappear while they are drunk, and they feel they have nothing to worry about. The truth is these alcoholics need help, big time. This type of person has to learn to deal with the source of their depression and worries. Alcohol can make them feel good, but it can also make depression worse as well.

These are just a few of the causes of alcoholism. Whatever the reason is a person starts to drink, they need to learn other ways of coping and seek treatment for alcoholism if necessary.

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