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SAN DIEGO, California – In California, niche businesses are prevalent. While you may be looking for a specialty product in one respect or another, a commonly sought product is A5 Wagyu beef. One of the only Kobe Beef-certified businesses in the country, The Meatery is an excellent candidate to create a special dining experience that you’ll come to refer to as one of the most distinct meals of your life. Wagyu in San Diego is hard to discern as authentic, as many imitators are eager to claim they’re selling authentic Wagyu. However, only selling the genuine article, The Meatery has by far the biggest selection of Japanese A5 Wagyu and Australian Wagyu, such as Wagyu beef, and Wagyu steak such as the Wagyu ribeye.

The Meatery was established in 2020 during the lockdown when the high demand for restaurant-quality steak and beef was prevalent from demographics that were used to the days before the pandemic when they would frequent their favorite restaurants to find Wagyu in San Diego. Naturally, The Meatery rose to the occasion and is now known for providing the best Wagyu in San Diego. Nicholas Fiorentino spoke with us on the brand’s early days, “We had a lot of success and realized that at the end of the day it’s more about the full experience,” says owner Nicholas Fiorentino, “And when you consider how much goes into A5 Wagyu, that’s a consistent thread that’s running all the way through.”

If you’re looking for unparalleled quality in Wagyu, a quality that is certified by the Kobe Beef Association, The Meatery offers the best Wagyu in San Diego. Its entire line of products is procured with the greatest quality and is yielded from cattle raised in the US, Australia, and Japan. With all varieties of Wagyu, there are plenty of qualifications and statutes that must be met to ensure every cut of meat is of certifiable quality. 

As eating A5 Wagyu is an especially decadent experience, pairing the highly sought cuts to the proper sides and wine pairings is critical in maximizing your experience. Visit to learn more about their entire stock, and the best ways to pair each item.

The Japanese locations you may recognize (such as Kobe, Kagoshima, etc.) next to each product are the prefectures they come from, and are another determinant in the characteristics of the steak you’re choosing. Each prefecture has its own distinct Wagyu beef farming practices that have been passed down through family lines for generations. 

The Meatery is honored to have been chosen as one of just a few websites authorized to sell authentic Kobe Wagyu Beef. All Japanese A5 Wagyu includes a Certificate of Authenticity including the nose print of the cattle.

To try for yourself, visit and order some cuts today.


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