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Canada is the second country to legalize marijuana; if you are going to buy cannabis, then that process starts with finding the best Canadian seed banks, which is quite tricky because there is a massive and growing market of seed banks all over the world.

You should know which is the most recommended one amongst others, in the way of quality, guarantee, or according to the genetics so you can make a better and easy choice to purchase seeds.

The experienced growers of cannabis are considered the best suppliers of the

matter. Finding the best Canadian seed banks from which you can order seeds online, here is a list of the most famous Canadian seed banks from which you can purchase seeds-

  • Crop king seeds

Crop king seeds are the best Canadian seed bank in the online marijuana seeds business. Here you can get an auto flower, feminized, regular, medical marijuana strains. They have a huge collection of more than 30 marijuana strains, which are of the exclusive range which you cannot get from any local stores.Crop king seeds doing their business since 2012 and provide free delivery for orders over $200. They have a massive collection to choose from your personal preference, in which some of the famous strains are Gorilla Glue Seeds, girl scout Cookie strains, northern lights cannabis seeds, etc.

  • Quebec cannabis seeds

For more than 15 years, Quebec cannabis seeds have been a consistent performer on most famous Canadian seed banks. They have created a great variety of seeds, intending to provide the best high-quality cannabis seeds and many more choices. They provide the most affordable price range of cannabis seeds; their seeds are high quality and consistent with a germination rate guarantee of at least 80 percent.

  • I49 seed bank

I49 sells products with authentic genetics; they gave a guaranteed 80 percent germination rate on their CBD, cannabis, and feminized marijuana seeds. I49 has a high THC seeds collection, and in which you can get the famous Purple Kush feminized. They provide the free replacement service of seeds and ensure you reach that 80 percent germination percentage. They gave a guaranteed delivery system if the parcel of the customers is lost or does not reach the correct address.

  • GreenThumb seed bank

Dr. GreenThumb is one of the oldest and best seed banks in Canada selling seeds online. They have trusted seed banks in which you don’t have to worry about their quality and services. They have more than 25years of experience in breeding marijuana seeds and selling the seeds. Their famous strain is the Niagara marijuana strains which are famous in all the coffee shops in Holland. You can get the results from them in terms of quality, yield of marijuana, and potency.


These are some famous and trusted Canadian seed banks from which you can choose the best option for buying seeds. The best part of these banks is that they provide free delivery worldwide, by which you can order the product freely, they will come to your place. With the help of these seeds banks in Canada, you will discover the new quality world of marijuana with high-quality crops and production. You can get an endless variety of seeds from these seeds banks.

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