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While celebrity workouts have been around for a while, it seems we keep seeing more and more inspirational celebrity fitness journeys on social media. A-listers like Brie Larson, Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth don’t shy away from showing off their ripped bodies on social media and how they prepare for their action packed roles, inspiring millions of followers to hit the gym.

With the increase in searches for superhero workouts online, the sports nutrition company Bulk wanted to investigate the rising trend and find out what superhero workouts the world is searching for the most on Google, Youtube and viewing on TikTok.

Bulk’s research revealed that the Batman workout (198,330 searches) was the most in-demand superhero workout in 2022, followed by the Thor workout (160,800 searches) and Superman’s exercise regimen (147,950 searches).  

Meanwhile, the most popular workout on YouTube is Thor’s workout with 1,260,000 searches per year. Superman’s workout came second with 1,092,000 searches followed by Batman’s workout with 1,027,000 searches.

When it comes to TikTok, the most popular workout by far is the Thor workout with 4,600,000 views. The Black Widow workout came second with 1,200,000 views on Tik Tok while the Spiderman workout rounded out the top three most viewed workouts with 699,400 views.

Today’s fitness culture is undeniably affected by what we see on screen and social media. What people often underestimate, especially when following celebrity workouts and diets, is the amount of time, motivation and nutrition that goes into their fitness transformations. It takes a lot of effort to maintain a sculpted body. It is important to remember that celebrities have access to PTs, dietitians and luxury gyms and are basically paid to get fit for the role and stay in shape.  That’s why it is essential to set realistic expectations, timeframes  and choose the right approach for your type of body. 

Joe Mitton, Owner of MittFit shared his insights on how to achieve the best fitness results:

‘’You can achieve a lot in 8-12 weeks if you are consistent enough. Consistent enough with your training as well as hitting a training intensity high enough to warrant results. But don’t be fooled, sweating lots doesn’t equal results. If you can’t feel your muscles working, you’re most likely not lifting with enough load or providing the muscle with enough stimulus to warrant a change.’’

‘’The biggest part of your transformation will be the food side of things. A diet packed full of lean protein sources, nutritionally dense fruits and vegetables, unsaturated fats and a mix of high and low GI carbohydrates is a great start.’’

Whether you are a follower of celebrities, fitness and wellness should always be at the top of your priority list. Do your research and choose the right workout that you will actually enjoy doing and you will be able to stick to.

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