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Resilient Hotel Security

Over the past few years, the hotel business has grown steadily. The 2019 U.S. Travel and Hospitality Outlook report from Deloitte says that hotel gross bookings in the United States went from $116 billion in 2009 to $185 billion in 2017.

Because of the increase in demand, hotels all over the country are facing more risks, which could cost them a lot in legal fees. The hotel security services are meant to reduce these risks and protect both guests and staff from the risk of crime, damage to property, and harm to people.

So, let’s look at the benefits and necessity of hotel security companies!

Why Do Hotels Need Security?

Whether they are there for business or pleasure, hotel guests expect a safe and secure place to stay. Most hotels follow industry-standard safety rules on their property. These rules are meant to stop theft of personal items, invasions of privacy, and other bad things from happening.

But these safety measures aren’t always enough to keep guests safe, especially in bigger hotels with dozens or even hundreds of rooms. Professional security guards are aware of all the risks and subtleties that can happen in a hotel. They also have the skills and training to handle tough situations quickly without making other guests upset.

Top 3 Benefits of Hotel Security Companies

The American Hotel & Lodging Association says that the United States has more than 54,200 different hotel buildings with a total of more than five million different bedrooms. Both the staff and the management are responsible for making sure that the employees, guests, and visitors to these places are safe.

It has been found that using hotel security services  id scanner can help prevent or reduce damage to property, deter criminal activity, keep track of key card access, help staff put safety measures in place, and patrol the grounds. Professionals in the hotel security industry can also respond quickly to emergencies in a wide range of difficult situations.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most important benefits of hotel security services.

1. Prevention of Criminal Activity on Hotel Premises

Even while crime at hotels is more likely to occur in more crowded cities and larger hotels, every business in the hospitality industry is at risk of being a victim of criminal activity.

Due to the high rate of criminal activity that occurs on hotel premises, many tourists freely confess that they have anxiety about their safety when staying in hotels.

2. Prevention of Damage To Hotel Property

Given the number of guests and other people who come to the hotel, it makes sense that the property will get some wear and tear over time. Still, accidents aren’t the only thing that can cause damage to a hotel. In some cases, guests or visitors to a hotel could do something to damage the inside or outside of the building on purpose.

When damage happens on hotel property, it can often lead to expensive lawsuits and a bad name. Damages could include anything from broken windows in guest rooms to damaged cars in the parking lot. Depending on what happened to cause the damage, the property damage may or may not be covered by insurance.

3. Option of Protection for VIP Guests

There is a chance that guests like musicians, actors, celebrities, and other very important people will want more security than regular guests. When a VIP checks into a certain hotel, they may expect to get extra security to make sure that their stay goes smoothly and that they feel safe in their room.

High-profile guests often choose to stay in luxury hotels. Their visits are always welcome, but VIPs often attract the attention of onlookers and photographers. Hotel security services can control crowds, stop people from getting into private areas, walk guests to their rooms, and make sure they are not bothered during their stay.

This is to keep VIP guests safe and keep other guests from being bothered. This is done to make sure that VIP guests don’t bother other hotel guests.

Top 3 hotel security companies San Francisco

1. Securelion Security

Securelion Security is one of the top companies that hire private security guards. Customers in both the San Francisco Bay area and the Los Angeles area can use their services. They offer a variety of services that are designed for the field you work in. All of their security staff members go through a thorough screening process, in-depth background checks, and rigorous training.

They are one of the few security companies San Francisco that will let you try out their services first. This makes them unique in the business. because our company cares most about how happy their customers are and how well their business is doing. Their security services include both guards who stay in one place and guards who drive around the building.

They give you the best service they can, taking into account both the industry you work in and where you live. Armed and unarmed security guards are on duty here to keep an eye on the area. to keep an eye on a certain part of the business while also keeping an eye on the area around it.

2. United Guard Services

California-based United Guard Services Inc. is a medium-sized security company. San Diego County residents and businesses may rely on them for high-quality protection services. In order to meet the needs of their clients, they strive to learn as much as possible about their difficulties and the needs of their clients in order to come up with creative solutions.

In and around San Diego, they give effective solutions to a wide range of problems, from the everyday to the criminally motivated. In addition to armed and unarmed security officers, United Guard Services provides mobile security patrols and event staffing.

3. OnGuard Services

Their security services are available on a trial basis, and you don’t have to make a long-term commitment to use them. Their security solutions are made to fit your needs and are made in a way that is unique to you.

OnGuard sends security guards text messages with automated notifications to make sure they are in the right place at the right time. Every hour, the security guards use the app on their phones to check in by scanning a barcode that is posted where they will be working.

OnGuard security guards must have a valid California Guard Card, have gone through training in the field, and have passed a drug test. Security guards have gone through a lot of training to do the jobs they are hired to do.


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