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bongThe must-have characteristics to look for in a bong for your first-time purchase

If you’re going to the dispensary for the first time, you might be unsure where to start. If you’re interested in buying fun and social smoking methods, try this huge apparatus that is great for social outings with friends! 

The must-have characteristics of a bong to look for during your first purchase

If you’re looking to purchase a bong for your first time, you might be confused on where to start – after all, they can look confusing and daunting if you are only used to pipes, vape pens, and joints. If you are not used to using big accessories and apparatus for smoking, then you might be confused as to where to begin – and you are not alone! Bongs can be confusing for beginners. However, during your first purchase, make sure you look for these characteristics to ensure you are making a smart purchase. 

Along with the typical characteristics of a bong that need to be included, you should also make sure the bong you are choosing is highly reviewed, reputable, and contains long-lasting materials. There is no point in putting extensive money down on a high-quality bong if you only find out that the mail is not durable. Indeed, look at online reviews to choose a bong that is going to last multiple months and years! Visit the site to purchase your first ever bong.

Tube and base

The first characteristic of a bong that is a must-have before buying is the tube or the base. The base is the long and straight tube that makes up the quintessential look and aesthetic of a bong. This is the main part that is long, high, and cylindrical. The bong tube will typically range in size, depending on the type of smoke chamber that you would like to have. Usually, the bong tube length is around 8” and higher depending on your preference!


The second aspect of a bong that’s a must-have when it comes to first-time purchases is the downstem. This is the tube that goes into the other side of the bong and in the water, helping transport the water and the smoke from the chamber to the tube and the mouthpiece.

Carburetor and carb cap

The carburetor is the hole in the side of the bong and is the part that is typically covered while you are inhaling the smoke. The hole in the side of the base is used to create a smoke buildup and excess airflow when you remove the carb cap, letting you inhale the smoke and get a strong hit.


The bowl is at the bottom of the downstem and is the part that holds the cannabis flower.


The last part of the bong that you must look for during your first-time purchase is the percolator, a filter that aerates the water and creates bubbles to help the water flow through the tube. 

As you can see, before purchasing a bong during your first-time trip to the local dispensary, you need to make sure it has these must-have characteristics.


During your first-time purchase of a bong, ensure the apparatus has all of the aforementioned elements to ensure it is properly situated and will work correctly.

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