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It is summer time. Due to which there is a high chance that the person is sweating too much and feels sticking and dirty all the time. And not only that, but the person is also battling the elements of nature to go about their day to day life. People who always wear shoes are the ones who are affected — not saying that the people who are wearing other open footwear do not fall victim to these. But they do fall into the discomfort of being exposed to the elements and also collect enough germs and bacteria on their way to any place.

Sweating is one of the primary functions of the body because it helps in cooling the body. To maintain and regulate the body’s temperature, the body marks sure to give out excessive heat from the body through a person’s sweat glands, which is the main cause of a person sweating. The whole human body sweats and the foot is not an exception because even the feet of the person do sweat. There are roughly some 250000 sweat glands present in just the human feet, and if measured, the feet would produce more than half a pint of sweat all by themselves.

Some think that foot odor is something which happens just because of the sweat which accumulates in the shoe. Not only does sweat produce odor and discomfort, but there are also several different bacteria and fungi which contribute to stinky feet. The show absorbs some amount of the sweat and then, later on, dries up and each time the sweat is formed, the shoe insoles are being destroyed because of the repetitive sweat and the bacteria, which causes bad odor in a much bigger scale.

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There are products in the market such as the odor eaters insoles and odor eaters foot spray which help in removing the odor from the shoe and not only that there are other methods which help in removing the odor. Many remedies such as keeping the shoe to dry out on the sun would help in drying up on the sun, and other things which people usually do is apply baking soda on the insoles to avoid the stinky smell which the shoe emits after the shoe absorbs all the sweat that is given out.

The reason why smelly feet can be harmful to the feet is that they have the probability of inducing fungal diseases such as athletes’ foot and trench foot. Prolonged exposure to moisture also helps in the fungi to grow and multiply, which is not a great thing for the feet.

That is where odor eaters products come to the picture. The odor eaters insoles do the task of controlling the wetness inside the show and also helps in eliminating the odor in the shoe and contains charcoal, an oxide of zinc and the most common baking soda and is backed by two of the strongest technology which blocks out the odor. And not only such products are long lasting but also are heavy duty and showcases the extra durability.

Then there are other products which come in the form of a powder, which has to be put in the inside of the shoe to eliminate the odor. They functions in somewhat the same fashion of the insoles where they absorb the odor and protects the soles of the shoes from wetness induced from the sweat which comes out of the feet. The powder contains mainly three ingredients which fight the odor-causing bacteria and fungi. The reason how they do so is that they contain corn starch, which in turn acts as a strong absorber and helps in keeping the feet drier. And for the comfort and the easy handling and dispensing of the powder, the powder comes in an easy to use bottle which easily dispenses the powder at the area which causes the odor to come from.

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Overall, the person is at a position where they can select any product which suits their needs be it for the health of their shoes. The reason why soft and slim odor eaters are quite prominent in the footwear industry is that nowadays, shoes are growing to be more and more expensive and disposing of them just because the shoes are soaked and destroyed because of the sweat and bacteria which they contain. The person is essentially in a situation where they would either need to throw off the shoes they love because of the smelly factor or use products which help in reducing the smell.

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