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You take your prescription card to the pharmacy, seeking your medicine and plan to leave. But have you thought about the fellows at the drug stores who take up the task of processing those prescriptions? They are called pharmacy technicians and they contribute greatly to the health system. Besides the fact that they are well aware of the names, uses and processes of pharmacy, these experts make sure that the prescriptions are filled both promptly, correctly, and securely. Even though their actions are usually underrated by patients. This article will discuss the many functions performed by a pharmacy technician at work and you will see why they are the unsung heroes of pharmacies. You will realize the effort that these people make in the shadows to ensure that patient care is always effective and pharmacy can run seamlessly. Next time you’re standing in the line at the checkout, remember to thank your pharmacy technician!

A Day in Life of a Pharmacy Technician

  • Assisting Pharmacists

Pharmacy techs work closely with pharmacists by helping to fill prescriptions the patients receive. They perform multiple routines like counting pills, packing and labeling bottles, and validating insurance details. This enables the pharmacists to perform their specialized tasks like counseling the patients and ensuring the correctness of drug therapies.

  • Maintaining Records

As pharmacy technicians, they ensure to keep a detailed log of all the medications and patient information. They are responsible for keeping the database of medication inventories, patient details and insurance details up to date. Proper medical records maintenance is one of the key factors to ensure high quality care and avoid mistakes.

  • Educating Customers

Beyond clinical expertise, the pharmacy technicians also play a very crucial part in the education of customers. They elaborate on dose, side effects, and interactions for each new prescription. Regarding refills, techs check whether the patients know how to appropriately use and store the medications. Patient education contributes to medication adherence and positive health outcomes.

  • A Crucial Healthcare Role

Although being underappreciated, pharmacy technicians provide significant support to community pharmacies, hospitals as well as other healthcare institutions. They manage numerous complex and precise assignments that yield pharmacists the highest level of practice. As we have an aging population and drug therapies are becoming more complex, the role of pharmacy techs will eventually take a lead to the quality care of patients in the years ahead.

Skill Sets and Training to be a Pharmacy Technician

As a pharmacy technician, your day is supposed to kick-off early. You reach the drugstore and start turning on the computers, which means that you are ready for customers and prescriptions by the time the doors are open.

  • Filling Prescriptions

Besides writing prescriptions, most of your time will be spent in dispensing medicines. You convey directives from doctors, count out pills and put labels with the patient’s name and directions on the bottles. It is absolutely crucial to be deeply careful to make sure patients get the right medications as well as prescribed doses.

  • Assisting Customers

Aside from your job on the prescription counter, you are also helping customers. You query about medications, address over-the-counter drugs, and ring up sales. There are days when you do nothing else but walk and speak. Excellent customer service is our foremost objective.

  • Other Duties

Apart from filling prescriptions, pharmacy techs are involved in dealing with insurance claims, calling doctors’ offices for refill authorization and maintaining inventory too. You replenish the inventory, place new orders for medications and remove all expired ones from the shelves.

A Rewarding Role

Being a pharmacy technician is indeed demanding in terms of accuracy and concentration, but it also means that it also can be very fulfilling and satisfying. You influence the health and wellness of others. Listening to customer stories or helping people understand their medications are activities that can convert the long hours into something positive. If you are looking for a career that makes a positive impact in your community on a regular basis, pharmacy technician may be your area of expertise.

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