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An increasingly common tenancy option is a short-term rental, particularly in major cities like London. This can be a possibility for you if you’re in between homes, moving, or just visiting a place. You can evaluate if short-term rental apartments are a good fit for your requirements, lifestyle, and budget by understanding the benefits and drawbacks.

Tewkesbury letting agents can explain why signing a lease for a shorter period of time is often a much better choice.

What does a brief lease entail?

Different short-term leases have different lengths. However, a short-term lease normally has a duration of a few weeks to around six months. The majority usually last approximately 90 days. Think about Airbnb to understand short-term rental in the simplest manner possible.

It involves the short-term rental of a furnished house or apartment. Short-term rentals include towels, tableware, and bed linen in addition to being completely furnished and equipped as a house. Consumables would be the only items you would be required to buy. All expenses are often included in the price of short-term rental units.

The size and scale of the real estate market make it an attractive and lucrative sector for many investors. This article will look at some of the main factors that affect the local real estate market and the variety of investments available.

When would you prefer short-term rentals?

Before making a decision, those wishing to climb up the property ladder might want to investigate the neighbourhood they intend to purchase, or if they currently own a home, they could require a temporary home base while repairs are made.

Vacationers and business travellers could choose a short-term rental over a hotel because these settings tend to seem more comfortable. Of course, individuals travelling on business would desire a setting that can serve as their temporary home while conducting business in the region.

How to locate short-term accommodations

Here are some locations to start looking for them:

Serviced apartments

Serviced apartments are a catch-all word for furnished residences that may be rented out temporarily or permanently. They provide amenities similar to hotels, but usually offer greater rooms than a hotel.

Letting agents

You might be surprised to learn that many letting agents have a number of short-term leases on their books. Asking them won’t do any harm.


It is possible to find unusual lodging all around the world on the website Airbnb. This is a popular platform for finding short-term rentals.

Vacation rental agencies

These often have different features but similar business concepts to Airbnb.

What are the pros of short-term renting?

Living in a cosy setting rather than relying only on room service is far more pleasant than staying in a forgettable hotel for an extended amount of time. Often, the property is distinctive, permitting you to vacation somewhere you wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

The flexibility of this sort of lease is its major advantage. With a short-term lease, you could extend your tenancy weekly or monthly without being bound by a long-term agreement that compels you to remain longer than you intended or overpay to leave early. 

Expenses are, of course, a major factor for any renter, and a short-term lease allows you to benefit from the inclusion of expenses during your stay, giving you maximum comfort (and eliminating the fear of hidden extras). A short-term rental is more affordable than a hotel, and you also receive much more for your money. You might be able to work out a bargain with the landlord if you plan to remain for a while.

More reasons to enjoy the pricing include the fact that short-term rentals come fully equipped, including bed linens, which, obviously, eliminates a lot of the work.

What are the cons of short-term renting?

There might be negative aspects of short-term renting, as with any sort of lease. Some ad descriptions are deceptive since not all properties are checked before being listed online. 

Long-term rental costs are lower than short-term rental costs. Short-term leases might seem more expensive to certain renters, but as mentioned, this is frequently because of what’s included – your bills and furniture. 

Although short-term leases might be lavish in the same manner that a hotel could be, they can first come off as impersonal and challenging for you to personalise. Your furniture will need to be stored because the house will already be furnished.

However, many offer amenities and conveniences as an extra benefit, and there are methods to smartly accessorise your lease to make it seem more comfortable, without having to worry about harming the walls or having to repaint later.


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