Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

For those of you who still need further convincing, or need to convince your higher-ups to get a technical upgrade, here’s listing a few of the many pros of choosing the right freight management software for your business:

  • Selecting Your Carrier: Helping you in improving your procurement process, a freight logistics software can help you in choosing what carrier and mode of transport would be best suited for the delivery you are making.
  • Optimizing the Routes: Taking into consideration various factors like the available traffic data, fuel cost, limitations of modality, maps, etc. a freight forwarding software, can help you in deciding upon the most cost-efficient route. This, of course, helps you in saving your time and money and also, of course, helps in enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Managing Contracts: It can be a really time-consuming process to look into various kinds of terms in agreements that you have with your carriers. By using the right software, you can track all these in real-time while also be able to look at the total cost for each individual carrier, thus enabling you in picking out the most cost-efficient one for your shipment at hand.
  • Consolidating Your Shipments: Elaborating upon the benefit of cutting your shipment costs, your software can also help you in scheduling and arranging your shipments in the most efficient manner by fully leveraging load consolidation.
  • Dealing With Various Costs Associated With Freights: Having a logistics ERP software at hand, that can help you in calculating all your delivery cost depending upon the shipment method, distance, cargo weight, etc. is quite beneficial. In fact, it can further aid your accountants in managing all the invoices, allocating costs, creating payments as well as reducing any errors that might be related to settlements.
  • Tracking Your Consignment: A very important feature of a freight forwarding some system is being able to track your consignments and also share this data in real-time between all the stakeholders such as the carrier, customer and the distributor.
  • Visibility and Shipping Support: Enumerating upon the aforementioned benefits, the right software provides you with product visibility as well as shipping support which will show you the status of your shipment right from the very onset to the last-mile delivery. The software can also offer you the option of being able to route your packages.
  • Analytics: A freight logistics software can provide you with analytical capabilities, that will help you in observing your processes and be able to implement changes in your operations and procedures based on the insights that you garner through it, thus leading to enhanced efficiency.
  • Risk-Management: The automation of auditing processes along with cross-border report generation capabilities, ensures that there are no unnecessary risks regarding national as well as international shipping that you have to go through.
  • Customer Support: One of the best ways to make sure that customer satisfaction is optimum for your business is by using the capabilities of CRM for freight forwarders. By offering adequate customer support to your patrons, you ensure maximum satisfaction that goes a long way in generating repeat business for you as well as reviews, that can aid business growth profoundly.

Apart from these benefits, your freight logistics software can also include much more advanced capabilities, in the form of big data analytics and SaaS cloud systems which can further aid in increasing collaboration between your various departments as well as team members along with helping you in increasing your ROI and your cost efficiency. Thus, having the right kind of software supporting your business can really help you in streamlining your procedures and give you the competitive edge that is needed in your field to excel.

For further information regarding how freight software can help you in increasing your revenues and optimising your business processes, reach out to us and we will provide you with a free software demo.

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