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Improving your handicap can be a slow and frustrating process. Most golfers are looking forward to a low handicap, preferably as quick as possible. But it usually does not happen as fast as you might think, or hope. Ultimately, it might not have to do with how you perform physically, on the course – but what’s happening inside your head, mentally.

As a golfer, there are always things you can do to improve your game. Most notably, of course, is practicing your swing and improving your game. When practicing, it is important to try and analyze where in your game you need improving and how to improve that specific area. Another thing is to try and analyze your golf gear and see if it is anything that need to be replaced or added. A great tip is, if you for example need to find the best golf iron clubs, reading a buyer’s guide or a review on iron clubs is recommended – making sure you get the best iron golf clubs for you and not wasting any money. We found one on Pine Club Golf, which you can access here.

Adding to this, in this article, we will try and provide a list of 5 things that you can try in order to lower your handicap faster!

1. You are playing with too much emotion

Emitions could be the mental fuel for your game, or your biggest obsticle. How you are acting emotionally can have a large effect on your game and the result after a round. Mistakes will happen to every player, even professional golfers on tour. The strength lies in how you are handling your emotions when those mistakes arise. As you may have noticed, the golf pros on tour rarely show any dissatisfaction, even when hitting a ball into the water.

So try and reduce negative emotions and isolate every stroke to itself.

2. You are playing too risky

“No risk, no reward”. It is always a great feeling mastering a close to impossible shot, or getting a birdie, or even an eagle. But playing smart is the absolute best way to scoring lower and lowering your handicap.

Therefore, our tip would be to lower your goals and also lower the risks you take on the course. In that way, you will not lose to many shots and also keep your mental game in check.

3. you are taking the wrong decisions

This tip coincides with the previous, that you are taking too much risks in your game. A lot of golfers, for example, have a very high focus on distance. If you are one of those – re-think this. Distance is not everything in golf and removing a few feet (or meters) in order to play it a bit safer will probably shave a few shots of your rounds straight away.

So, plan your holes better, and try to find the more realistic shot instead of the more difficult one.

4. You are forgetting the basics

IT is very important that you are having routines and are sticking to them. Otherwise, it is easy to get too caught up in your game and making you forget the very basics. The most dreadful example is receiving tips during a round. If you are trying to change your swing or your spin during a game, you could easily get thrown off and forgetting the basics.

So here, you should only practice outside the course, and staying on path as you are on the course. as you are working up routines, your muscle memory will do a lot of the work for you.

5. you are impatient

All golfers want to improve, now! Preferably without any effort and as quickly as possible. But you have to work for it, and golf is definitely one of those sports where everything is in the details. Everyone with a low handicap have a story to tell and they have probably been at it for a very long time.

So, work on your weaknesses and improve little at a time and we assure you that you will reach your goals soon enough

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