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These days there is so much hype about the CBD. You might have heard the term hemp oil and CBD oil. There is so much ongoing debate on the purity of such oil as they are consumed by people for medicinal use. Regarding the purity of the product, you might have heard the term organic CBD and synthetic CBD. So before discuss further, we need to know about the hemp and CBD first. Hemp is a part of the cannabis plant family, the two main part that makes up this family are marijuana and hemp. Now, you must have heard the term marijuana. Many countries have legalized marijuana for medical and recreational usage. In Canada, people have online dispensary Canada and they can easily buy weed online in Canada via this channel. But on the other side hemp is different. Even though, they both may have many similarities they also have some distinctive differences that we should know. These both are high in cannabinoids and these little molecules bind to receptors in our bodies. However, their phytocannabinoid compound levels are not the same. Weed is high in substance like THC which is responsible for getting high, while hemp is high in CBD which is exactly opposite of THC.

As people say cannabis has characteristics to cure several diseases, they are actually not talking about getting high or THC. CBD is responsible for it and CBD carries the medical and curing properties. For better consumption, CBD oil is made from the plant and it is being used to treat several medical conditions. Just like steroid Canada, these days CBD oil can also be bought from an online dispensary. But, the real question is, are you getting the organic CBD oil?

CBD is a plant-based supplement. Naturally, it’s eligible for USDA Organic certification, right? Unfortunately, not. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant still the USDA does not certify domestic hemp products. There isn’t a single American CBD company that has an official organic status. However, the hemp products, imported from Canada and other foreign countries are certified by the USDA. This puts US hemp product companies at a disadvantage. Does this mean that imported CBD is better? No. imported CBD and domestically produced CBD are similar in quality some are even better than imported CBD brands. US grown products just don’t get to use the USDA Organic seal. That said there is organically grown hemp. What is organically grown to mean? In the process of production and cultivation of organically grown hemp plants, no chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers are used. Organic hemp farmers use organic composting material and natural biodegradable pesticides to help cultivate the best crops. Look for organically grown CBD. Seeded locally in Oregon in Colorado all hempure products are made from organically grown hemp plants to ensure the highest quality products. If you don’t use organically grown CBD you don’t know what you’re getting.

Why is it important to choose organically grown hemp? Hemp plants remove toxins from the Earth if the soil is full of chemicals and unnatural toxins then, the plant absorbs these toxins and when you ingest this plant-based supplement you ingest the toxins too. Organic farming practices ensure that the soil is as natural and pure as possible so nothing artificial is ingested. Choose organically grown CBD for the purest safest products for your health.

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